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ACADEMIC: Everything you should know about a Term Paper.

What is a term paper?

A term paper is an essay written by a student throughout an academic term. Usually it is based on a research. The topic would depend on the course requiring the term paper. It I called so because it is assigned at the beginning of the term and then is submitted towards the end of the term.

Writing of term papers date back to the 19th Century during a time when it was affordable to print and easy to produce texts.

It is usually lengthy requiring basic parts such as the Introduction, the body of the paper and the conclusion. Some courses require specific formats and additional parts for a term paper. Some may not be very strict with format and allow students to write custom term papers as long as the three basic parts are present.


Advantages of Custom Term Papers

Term papers are advantageous to students in many different ways. One is that the student has the freedom to come up with his or her own format of the paper. Next is that it makes a student be creative by presenting the paper in the best way he or she thinks.

Another thing with custom term papers is that one has the prerogative to think of which topics to cover or present.


Possible topics for term papers on economics

Learning about economics is both interesting and challenging. There are various possible topics for a term paper in economics. Economists have adopted innovative ways in approaching and analyzing issues and have come up with nontraditional research topics. There is a wide range of areas to be discovered in economy as it may be tied up with various disciplines as well such as neuroeconomics (economics and psychology),  experimental economics and even its connection with sports. The following are some of the interesting ones. There may be different fields or sub topics on economics to look into.


General Economics

Topics about economics in general.

  • Relationship between Income Inequality, Tax Policy and Economic Growth
  • Taxes Versus Standards: Policies for the Reduction of Gasoline Consumption

International Economics

Relationships of economies between and among countries, economic relationships and the like is under this topic.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing manpower to other countries.
  • International Trade, Comparative and Absolute Advantage, and Trade Restrictions
  • Trends on Exchange Rates among developed and developing countries.
  • Globalization and Inequality, the reasons behind.

Economics and Demographics

Demographics such as age, gender and the like and its effect to the economy and vice versa.

  • The impact of increase in ageing population in Asia to its economic growth
  • How does specific gender workforce impact the economy?

Health Economics

How is the downplay of health based on the economy or also how does the population’s state of health affect the economy of a country or a locality.

  • The economy of the production and supply of health services.
  • Demand and Utilization of Health services and its gaps.
  • Distribution aspects of Health Policy in developing countries.
  • Economic consequences of poor health seeking behavior
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Economics and Education

The relationship between economics and education in a country or locality.

  • Trends in Economic growth in OECD Countries as related to their changes in the Educational Structure.


  • The differences and allocation of cost of production for short term and long term.
  • Maximizing profit among small-scale enterprises.
  • The role of labor unions in labor markets.
  • Transaction cost economics
  • The portfolio theory and investment management
  • The law of demand and supply as applied to the local market.


  • Macroeconomic models and its applicability in the present
  • Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting

Economic analyses of Issues and Markets

These can be more general topics and might overlap with the topics stated earlier. Any issue under all of these topics may be looked. One may limit to local scope or international scope. Comparisons between developed and undeveloped, urbanized and rural and others may also be done under these topics.

  • The relationship between the literacy rate and the economy of a locality.
  • Economics and Race, the demographics.
  • Economics of Gender
  • Relationship between the prevalence of crime and economic status.
  • Economics of Information
  • Media Economics
  • Economics of Energy Markets
  • Economics of Cancer.
  • Queer Economics: Sexual Orientation and Economic Outcomes
  • Environmental Economics: How does the type of environment affect economics.
  • Economics of Health Insurance
  • Economics and Justice
  • China’s Trade Performance in the New Millennium
  • Economic Analysis of the Family
  • Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Economics of Property Law
  • Economics of Gambling
  • Economics of Wildlife Protection
  • Climate Change and its Impact to Economic Policies
  • Transportation Economics
  • Economics of Migration and its trends.
  • Political Economy of Oil
  • Forensic Economics
  • Earnings of Professional Athletes, hoe does it help a country’s economy.
  • Economics and Religion
  • Urban Economics
  • Political Economy of Violence
  • Economic Aspects of Cultural Heritage
  • Economics of Aging
  • Sports Economics
  • Real Estate Economics


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