Drawing your partner’s name as tattoo on your body; good or bad idea?

Tattoos have existed since the days of our great grand parents, and they were not only meant for fashion, but also were a part of our culture (so to speak). Tattoo has been revolutionized in our days, with more colours, and modern designs.

Many people now have modern designs of tattoos drawn in various parts of their bodies – some permanent, others temporary. But today’s focus is on people who draw tattoos of their partner’s name on their body. What happens when the relationship ends in a bad way? Is there sense in drawing your partner’s name as tattoo on your body?

Tattoos are used as a symbol to show love to one’s partner. By this, many prefer to tattoo their partner’s names on their body. Some do it in very private areas, and even make it permanent. Of course, the danger in this is when things no longer work out between the two of them. What becomes of the permanent tattoo you have in that private part of your body? How will your next partner react to having to see the memory of your ex each time he sees that tattoo?

I leave that this to your imagination.

You dated a lady, and after abstaining from sex all the while, the time comes when it is right to have sex and when she undresses, the first thing you notice around her private area is a name boldly drawn – and it’s not even yours. I am sure you will feel very great about that yea?

To be clear, I will say it was a bad decision from the beginning. Inking your partner’s name on your body shouldn’t have been a consideration or discussion (shouldn’t even be at all) until a marriage license was signed and you’d both put a few years into the marriage. Even then, it’s kind of crazy, but if both spouses are onboard? So be it. But marking yourself permanently without so much as a ring doesn’t even make sense.

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You can’t commit to forever with a partner, but you’re willing to commit to a lasting reminder of the relationship on your body? Where, oh where, do they do this?

A woman once remarked that her tattoo artist once told her that she hated doing art with significant others’ names.


“Most of them end up being covered up,” the artist said.

This situation also tells me a lot about your relationship. You’re all in and see this as forever ever. Your partner is
around for the time being. The communication is also off. You both agreed to do something; he didn’t hold up his end of the deal. Instead of telling you, “Hey, I’m uncomfortable with this,” he went ahead and did what was best for him and filled you in on the back end. That is not OK. Now, you have to live with that guilt (or shame) for as long as your body remains. It could even be a catalyst to why subsequent relationships may not work for you.

So, if you are out there, very much in love with your partner, and considering drawing a tattoo, remember that a relationship may expire, a permanent tattoo remains.

No one is going to sign an agreement to live with you forever when he has to contend with the name of another man each time he desires to go down there with you.

Think about it.


I sign off today…I am still SILICON, inking for GLOWVILLE


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