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SAMANTHA & JOHN: A True Love Story Without Fairy Tale Ending

true love story without fairy tale ending

The Love Story this week features a tale of two lovers who loved each other too much but couldn’t be with each other, yet their love remained so strong, it inspired them to grow and ...

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Why Do Guys Never Truly Love Me?

truly love

This weekend, after 18 months together, my boyfriend told me that he cared very deeply for me and that we had the best partnership he’d ever experienced, but he did not love me because there ...

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about true love

This post is a practical discussion about true love in romantic relationships and marriages. It talks about how one of the most beautiful feelings known to mankind is often misunderstood. False perceptions about first love, ...

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Pain is Love; More Pain is True Love

Pain is Love

One of the hardest decisions you will ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away from that person you have shared good moments with because he or she is hurting you right now, or ...

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What’s “TRUE” about TRUE LOVE?

I am not here to start the unending debate of “what is Love?” What exactly bothers me is why we keep saying words like “I am looking for TRUE LOVE!” When you ask people to ...

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Top 5 lies and realities of true love

realities of true love

True love is the kind of love that takes you through the gamete of emotion and hardship and against all odds somehow manages to persevere. At the same time, true love has also unfortunately been ...

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