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The moments I knew I was truly in love with my boo, and it was mutual!

love moments, love moment.

Love is a feeling, and it comes to everyone differently. We may not all feel the same way with those we love, but there is usually something which is common with everyone – that special ...

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How taking a break helped save my relationship.

spending time alone taking a break glowville

What happens after exhausting every lifeline that comes with keeping a relationship? Ones that include having to apologize after every misunderstanding, exchanging gifts after arguments and then, making up the “sofa” way. If you are ...

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I gave my heart to a womanizer, and he blew it on my face!


According to Vocabulary.com, ‘a womanizer is a man who always seems to have a new girlfriend, and who has no hesitation about starting up a new relationship before he’s ended the last one. Usually, these relationships ...

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His Clique Was Too Dangerous For Me, I Had To End The Relationship

clique of friends

I am sharing this story because I want young people out there who are in one relationship or the other to understand when and where to draw the line in their relationship. My relationship with ...

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Ridiculous stories about Nigerian tribes that affect relationships

Ridiculous stories about Nigerian Tribes

A friend, Chukwuba Chiluba made a post last year about ridiculous stories about tribes in Nigeria which then affect relationships; she had the Mbaise people in spotlight. She talked about how the Mbaise people are stereotyped as ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 3

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe part 3

  THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 3 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES. ************** The new convert watched the congregation file out of the church building. There was a funny feeling ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 2

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe Part 2

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 2 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODE ***************** The crowd at the gate rose from their crouching and sitting positions as his car appeared in the distance. ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 1

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe part 1

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE Part 1 Written by Damilola Akintobi ************** He dropped the magazine and relaxed his head on the headrest of the chair he was sitting on. The scent of the leather ...

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Cupid’s Quandary II: Episode TEN

cupid's quandary

Oh my God, I’m so so disappointed. How in God’s name could all of this even be true, I…” The words choked in his throat; Frank was fuming like a freshly erupted volcano, “I can’t ...

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Cupid’s Quandary II: Episode EIGHT

cupid's quandary

The rays of sunlight through the window aroused Bimbo the next morning. She’d fallen asleep in worry and didn’t realize when Dafe-the cause of her troubles-entered the house and went into the bedroom. She yawned ...

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