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Let’s Just Enjoy The Sex; We Will Break Up Anyways

enjoy the sex

Remember the heart is a very sensitive organ , I wonder how most of us bounce back and come alive again after several heart breaks and ready to suffer another ASAP “abi some people get pass one heart ni?” or is it not the same organ my Biology teacher threatened me with in my secondary school days? Its either my Biology teacher lied about the heart or it could just be that the Almighty must really be an accommodating God as proven.

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The dangers of NOT having sex before marriage

dangers of not having sex before marriage

We have all gotten used to the moral talks of abstinence before marriage and the dangers of having premarital sex. That is not a bad thing, but considering the number of people who flout this ...

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7 ways Sex can become dangerous to your marriage

ways sex can become dangerous to your marriage

The importance of sex has been stressed too many times in marriage counselling that many people have either taken it for granted or have abused it in their marriage. The truth however is that as ...

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What They Will Never Tell You About WAITING TILL WEDDING NIGHT


Waiting till Wedding Night before having sex is one message prevalent among parents to their wards, especially the ones in moral, cultural and religious circles. But beyond the religious or cultural significance of waiting, is ...

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Relationship mistakes my daughter must not make

relationship mistakes

This is an open letter to my young daughter and relationship mistakes she must not make. Hey dearie, It’s your mother here. You know how great I think you are, and how much I love ...

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Abortion and the CHOICE you have to make


Abortion is a major debate between Pro-Lifers and Pro-choice proponents of today. This article attempts to abandon every prejudice and be blunt about the realities inherent in abortion. To those who believe that “Abortion is ...

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4 ways to show ACTION in LOVE

Love is Action

Love is more than a state of being, something we feel, it’s also an action, something we do. This raises a basic question: What does “love” look like in action? Love is wonderful. A secure, ...

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What You Need To Understand In A Relationship With A Virgin

relationship with a virgin

Not every youngster is saving himself or herself until the wedding. That also complicates relationship dynamics because there is a great deal of sensitivity and etiquette involved when an experienced person is dating a virgin. ...

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I Don’t Love Her, But She Is Carrying My Baby

I don't love her but she is carrying my baby

A friend of the blog from Abuja needs our help to help him solve a dicey situation. I am trusting you guys to be able to give him a sincere advise without being judgmental. The ...

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This strange and new sex law in Netherlands will shock you!

new sex law in netherlands

It is not strange to acknowledge that money is not the only way to pay for services, and many people will agree with me that payment in ‘kind’ is not an exactly new phenomenon, but ...

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