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My BF loves his ‘HOBBY’ than he loves me.


Back on this segment this week, and we are still in that season when we attend to the mails we have received from readers. We purposely brought this out because we realized most of us ...

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The peculiar secret to a happy relationship with your spouse

secret to a happy relationship

Relationships. They’re a source of endless joy and angst. Some relationships find the balance, many others can’t keep the balance as there is more fighting, sadness and anger than those memorable moments of happiness and ...

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EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

The term, “ego” has a benign meaning of “self-worth.” In this sense, ego is indistinguishable from one’s deepest values, as a sense of genuine self-worth depends on fidelity to our deepest values. The problem comes when ego inflates ...

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How to build a Soul Fulfilling Relationship with your partner

soul fulfilling relationship

There are many ways of connecting with people, but one of the most challenging relationship to build is an emotionally safe, equal, and emotionally intimate relationship. Regardless, this relationship is also the most likely to ...

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Relationship mistakes my daughter must not make

relationship mistakes

This is an open letter to my young daughter and relationship mistakes she must not make. Hey dearie, It’s your mother here. You know how great I think you are, and how much I love ...

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Relationship Lessons You Only Get From Movies

Relationship Lessons you get from movies

Movies have always been an interesting, inspiring and entertaining media. It has great impact on our lives. Love, romance, ego, happiness, sorrow – all emotions are found in abundance in movies! Human emotions are recreated and ...

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Things You Should Not Do After A Heartbreak

Things you should not do after a heartbreak

Getting through any setback is tough. Yet sometimes the most challenging kind are the ones that involve the heart. Regardless of what disappointments come your way, it is pertinent that you rise up after every ...

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Real Love is NOT about your feelings

real love

In a few years of my marriage, I have had to learn and unlearn so many things about love. I decided to share some of them in this article. Using a practical experience with my ...

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How often should you say ‘I LOVE YOU’?

How often should you say 'I LOVE YOU'

The first time you utter the words to someone, you feel as if you’ve swallowed a mixed cocktail of muddled emotions: excitement, nervousness, joy, fear. After all, those are three powerful, potentially life-changing little words. ...

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Top Secrets for Strong Relationships

Top secrets for strong relationships

Of all the relationships we experience, love relationships are perhaps the most complex. A ruptured friendship leaves us saddened but not broken, but a breakup or divorce can leave us utterly devastated. Indeed, there is ...

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