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5 ways she is probably saying “I want sex” without speaking any word!

how to say I WANT SEX

A lot of guys would agree with me that ladies can be very complicated, and most of all, at times when they want something as explicit as Sex. Many ladies still have issues expressly communicating ...

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The psychology of a rapist, and how to avoid rape

avoid rape

The raping of women has been on the increase recently, and social media is agog with revelations of unreported crimes that have been perpetuated in the past. Hence, we decided to delve into this matter, ...

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How To Take A Stand Against Rape and Sexual Abuse

stand against rape and sexual abuse

It was really shocking and humbling for me to hear that a close friend had fallen victim of rape. Hitherto, I had taken a fairly vocal stand against rape and abuse in the society, but ...

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My RAPE Story.

Rape story

A popular saying goes “a problem shared is half solved.” Yes! But a heart bottled in the pain of humiliation can never know peace. The issue of rape is that which is discussed and shared amongst us, but ...

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Who is to blame for RAPE: The Raped or the Rapist?

Rape and the blame game

Today, we are examining RAPE and the BLAME GAME. Who really should be blamed when rape happens; either to a man or woman. Are rape victims to be blamed for their predicament, should the blame ...

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Nigeria OAP gang-raped in Ghana

Rape is becoming a rampant issue in the tabloids lately, and this time it is happening to someone of note. Popular Nigerian OAP in Ghana, Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka was reportedly kidnapped a few days ago ...

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