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Couple married for 75 years die in each other’s embrace

Talk about fulfilling your dreams of sticking together till “death do us part”. This doesn’t happen to everyone, due to many reasons which we can’t begin to explain now, but it should serve as an ...

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Cupid’s Quandary: Episode 1

cupid's quandary

The alarm was ringing for the twenty-second time when Frank fell into consciousness. He sprang up quickly when he realized the rays of the sun was already illuminating his room. He looked at the clock ...

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Finding love now made easy, costs just $49

Should we always leave everything to destiny and fate? I think not! Fredrik Colting has decided that destiny needs a helping hand and he’s dreamt up a creative way to speed things along. It’s called Serendip, ...

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My family is finding it hard to forgive my cheating wife

cheating wife

My wife of 4 years started having emotional troubles 1 years ago. One day, when she was asleep after staying overnight “with a friend”, her phone beeped with a text, so I checked it. I found ...

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My EX is getting married, but I won’t let because I still love him


  I just heard that my ex is getting married. We split up two years ago. He ended it and I was broken. I thought I’d moved on but this has shown me I haven’t. ...

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Yvonne Nelson admits she has lost touch with love

yvonne nelson

Love happens to everyone, even celebrities aren’t exempted, afterall they are humans like the rest of us. Latest gist from the ‘Love and Celebrity’ angle is that 29-year-old Ghanaian actress, model and film producer, Yvonne ...

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Adam’s Apple | Episode 8

adams apple

“Okay enough of this already” my father halted, without looking back. “I won’t look for him, but if you find him, tell him he is welcome back to my house” The first step had been ...

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I love him, but I think he only wants sex

all he wants is sex

I’ve been seeing this guy for about 8 months now. We started out with a very casual relationship. We would hang out and we would have sex. That’s it. It was fun at first but ...

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Adam’s Apple | Episode 7

adams apple

I was lost in dreamland and it took the gentle tap of the matron to bring me back from my slumber. “It’s almost midnight” she said, “aren’t you going home?” “Home?” I wondered. There was ...

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In the end, it’s between you and God

You and God

Sometimes, you keep on wondering why certain things happen. You want to escape but you can’t. Something pulls you to the ground and makes you stumble. Your body frail, your eyes weeping, and your face ...

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