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The moments I knew I was truly in love with my boo, and it was mutual!

love moments, love moment.

Love is a feeling, and it comes to everyone differently. We may not all feel the same way with those we love, but there is usually something which is common with everyone – that special ...

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Adam’s Apple | Episode 5

I felt a heavy lump on my throat as I waved goodbye to Valerie. There was every possibility it would be my last time of ever seeing her. She was silent all through the journey ...

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ADAM’S APPLE | Episode 3

adam's apple glowville

The weekend was not one I looked forward to, I had just passed through a torrid week at work with my boss who wasn’t relenting until my targets for the month are met…else, there would ...

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Cowrage: Episode 20 [Finale]

“Did you ever think there was a way to escape from me?” J-boy looked vicious. He had Amaka by the scruff of the neck and pushed her back into the dark room. “I’m here” Sunky ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 18

Paschal (formerly Uche) was at sea. He didn’t know what next step to take; to follow Ada whom he was beginning to find his long desired connection with or to wait and explain himself to ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 17

Uche was fixed to a spot wondering what Papa was talking about. He was however not alone in the confusion as Mama and Ada also looked lost at the ensuing piece of drama before them. ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 16

Tunji leaped from his seat and raced to the faculty notice-board to confirm what Jumoke had just told him. “I’ll be back ASAP” was all he could manage to say to a dumbfounded Amaka before ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 15

Gbade wasn’t sure he heard Deji right the first time, but he knew Deji was capable of doing just about anything. The last thing he wanted was to create attention by doing anything rash, “I ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 14

“He ended the call” Juliet looked aghast, with the phone still pressed tightly to her left ear. “He didn’t even say a word, Pat what’s happening to my husband?” Patience who sat with her at ...

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COWRAGE: Episode 13

Tunji endured every moment of the half hour he spent in J-boy’s room. The smell of blood mixed with marijuana and alcohol filled the whole air in the room. Peter, their scapegoat was bundled up ...

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