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Life Lessons To Learn From A Failed Relationship

lessons from a failed relationship

We all look at failure, be it in love or business, as a negative thing. But if we turn the glass around and look at it from another perspective, all these failures are essential and ...

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Is This All The Profit Of Being A Wife?

Reward for being a wife

On our Social Pulse segment today, we are sharing something thought-provoking from our friends, Patheos. This article highlights what every woman seems to get as a reward after death for being a wife, using a ...

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Was it worth the WORRY?


  Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who ...

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Things you will learn if a dog were your teacher

If A Dog Were Your Teacher

The holy scriptures in many parts referred us to learn from animals like the birds, bees, ants and some others. One of the fascinating thing about God is that there is something unique about each ...

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How to use what you HAVE to get what you WANT

use what you HAVE to get what you WANT

If I tell you that twice a certain number is equal to half of eight (I hope you paid attention in algebra class), you would first find half of eight to be four and then ...

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Is it really difficult to find a work-life balance?

work-life glowville.net

The definition of work-life balance and how you obtain it has been debated for many, many years. I have read numerous articles and have walked away as confused on the subject as when I began. ...

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The second chance you may never get from life

second chance

Up and grateful, whew; thank God for another day. Now where’s my wife, and why hasn’t she brought my morning coffee for the love of God? I’m really getting tired of this, I guess I’ll ...

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Is There Truly An Afterlife?

Is There Truly An Afterlife

Is Death truly the end? One of humanity’s oldest questions is whether or not death is the end of our experiences. All religious speculation aside, scientifically we know that death is the end, right? Actually, the scientific ...

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Learn from the babes

Generally, many of us feel that our kids should be like us. They should learn good things from us, they should behave the way we teach them. Surprisingly when I see my 1 year old ...

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