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They might be a staple of the well-dressed geek’s wardrobe , but skinny jeans aren’t doing you any favors. In fact, they might be causing you real, physical damage. ABC recently interviewed Dr. Karen Boyle ...

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Tested & Trusted: How to get anyone attracted to you

How to get anyone attracted to you

My friend, Rita wanted this guy so bad and wouldn’t give up until he noticed her. After countless sleepless nights of trying and failing at methods that should get this dude, I decided to step ...

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Top 5 Best Meal Replacement Shakes Reviews

meal replacement shakes

Unfortunately, there is a wrong belief that meal replacement shakes are intended for bodybuilders and professional athletes only. However, any person who want to either manage weight or substitute a full meal can experience the ...

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Why some Nigerians have BIG BODY Mentality

big body

You have been caught! There is 85% probability you clicked on the link to this article because you were wondering what BIG BODY MENTALITY means. Hehehe. I’m going to untie the knot with a little ...

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Tasty SALT; Dangerous SALT


Salt is an important component of most meals, and it is the definition of taste in those meal. Seems like we can’t do without it, isn’t it? Regardless, there is a tendency to be at ...

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BEANS: One food you must eat always

nigerian beans food you must eat

Beans may get a bad rap for making people gassy, but that’s no reason to cut them out of your diet. Beans is one food you must eat always. Experts recommend you consume up to ...

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What You Must Know About Asthma

know about asthma

I met an asthma patient recently who was really having difficulty breathing. It was a very scary sight to me and it got me doing this little research, just to know if it’s a disease ...

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Shocking Dangers Of Taking Iced Water

dangers of taking Iced Water

Could there really be any dangers to stepping down a good meal of pounded yam and edikang-ikong soup with a chilled bottle of Coke? Ah! that one go hard small o. But let’s find out ...

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To Prevent HEART ATTACK, Do Not Skip Breakfast!

to prevent heart attack do not skip breakfast

Have You Had Breakfast? If you haven’t, you might need to eat something after reading this. A study of older men found those who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of a heart ...

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Show me your TEETH, and I can tell who you are

Show me your TEETH

I was watching the video of Lagbaja’s classic “feyin e” and the sight of the different sets of teeth on display in that video kinda inspired me to scribble this. Most people find it difficult ...

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