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5 things that will help you succeed in your best man duties!

Best man duties

Being the Best Man at your best friend or brother’s wedding can be a great honour because it’s you that the groom thought of giving the maximum responsibility to and that means a lot. Since ...

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Biggest mistakes grooms make in their weddings

mistakes grooms make

Wedding is important for the bride as much as it is for the groom, but on countless occasions we have seen certain mistakes grooms make with etiquette in their weddings. These mistakes are what we have ...

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Is anything wrong with a bride sponsoring the wedding?

bride sponsoring the wedding

Our Vox-Pop segment returns this week, and we aren’t dealing with letters today (I can hear a breath of relief from some of you right now, lol). This time, we are returning to the timeline ...

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My TWO Personal Problems With Weddings

problems with weddings

Wedding is absolutely beautiful; it’s a special event for anyone who gets to do it in a lifetime. However, there are certain…call it trends, tradition, customs, or habits…that are beginning to take prominence in setting ...

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