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Are MINI SKIRTS Appropriate To Be Worn To Offices?

mini skirts

You go to some offices these days and you find out that there is a paradigm shift in what we used to know about ‘Official Dressing’. What we have today is totally different from what I ...

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Drawing your partner’s name as tattoo on your body; good or bad idea?


Tattoos have existed since the days of our great grand parents, and they were not only meant for fashion, but also were a part of our culture (so to speak). Tattoo has been revolutionized in ...

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Nigerians And The Habit of Dressing To KILL

Hitherto, the back of a lady, the cleavage of the breast, the stomach, the buttocks, the thighs among others are not to be seen by anybody except one’s spouse or if the need arises a ...

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Are we doing fashion or going crazy?

going crazy

Fast fashion being mixed up and out of control; are we going crazy or this is just a different perspective? Lately, like the last 4 years I have been noticing that fashion is getting to ...

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The UGLY Side Of Looking Beautiful


I don’t know of many things that have such power over how a person feels about themselves than that of body image. For many young men and women, our physical appearance has become the measuring ...

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Men And Their Terrible Fashion Mistakes

fashion mistakes

There’s no shame in making a fashion faux-pas every now and again – even celebrities regularly featured on best-dressed lists have been known to make fashion mistakes. You can, however, drastically reduce the number of ...

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Side Effects Of Using False Eye Lashes

using false eye lashes

Beautiful eye lashes are the key to striking eyes, and along with everything else that people have withstood for the sake of looking more attractive, using false eye lashes are one of the best ways ...

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What Really Makes You Sexy And Attractive?

sexy and attractive

This is the question I want to ask every old and young lady out there today: Has SEXY replaced DECENCY? Whether your answer is a YES or NO, the next question has to be: what ...

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Best ways to match up your accessories

match up your accessories

I notice daily that people pair the wrong accessories with the wrong clothing and it really bothers me, which is why I decided to venture into writing out the best ways to match up your ...

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Fashion legend gives his best fashion advice as he retires

fashion advice

The fashion advice from Jean-Jacques Picart might be his best so far in a beautifully decorated and illustrious career in the fashion industry. Not many people who are into fashion are familiar with this legendary ...

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