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I broke up because I became financially uncomfortable with him.

financially uncomfortable

The main purpose of any relationship is to see to the betterment of one’s self and partner. I believe that relationships should be about inspiring your partner to move forward and helping them get better ...

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5 times LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH to keep a relationship going

love is not enough

Love conquers all—or does it? As romantic as the notion may be, the fiercest feelings do not always trump all hurdles that may come up in a romantic relationship. Today, we are looking at Five ...

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My GF is doing better in her career than me, and it’s scary.

My GF is doing better in her career

This week, we are looking at another letter (seems we are in that era), and it’s from another reader who is having major concerns about how well his Girlfriend is doing with her career and ...

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When is the right time to quit your job?

right time to quit

We’ve all been there, hunched down in our desks furtively checking the clock (and Facebook) somehow hoping that time will somehow speed up. You hate your boss. You are bored of your work. Your co-workers are annoying.  The ...

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The DOs and DON’Ts of a perfect Resume for job seekers

resume for job seekers

My question; is there a perfect resume for job seekers? The task of resume writing is usually a daunting one for job seekers. Most of them prefer to give it to professionals to help write ...

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