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His Clique Was Too Dangerous For Me, I Had To End The Relationship

clique of friends

I am sharing this story because I want young people out there who are in one relationship or the other to understand when and where to draw the line in their relationship. My relationship with ...

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#MyBreakUpStory: I didn’t like his family, we had to break up

family break up story

If there was one important lesson I took from my grandmother before she died, it was her most recurrent advice to me on marriage. “The man is important, but his family is more important” she ...

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One year and half didn’t mean much, he broke up anyway

break up broke up

The experience shared in this week’s #BreakUp Series simply explain to us that the length of a relationship doesn’t matter as much as the strength of the love shared between both partners. A person could ...

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My BF lacked respect for me, I had to break his heart

My BF lacked respect for me

It is possible that the first question that comes to your mind is why I used the words ‘break his heart’. I was hoping to pull a shock you the same way I shocked him.¬†I ...

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I broke up because my BF felt intimidated by me

my BF felt intimidated

How does one explain a situation where a person feels intimidated by the success or giant strides of his partner? How best should one tackle such situation? Should this person have done better? Let’s read ...

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#MyBreakUpStory: I deserved better than fighting for him

I deserved better

I won’t blame anyone but myself for my predicament, as I can easily say my obsession with Wiz Khalifa led me into a relationship with Kennedy (not real name). It was meant to be the ...

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I broke up because my BF was scared of testing for HIV

testing for HIV

I am sharing this story with Glowville because I want other ladies out there to learn and take heed. It is important to take certain steps before taking your relationship to the next level with ...

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I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps

I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps

You might find it rather strange to read that I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps. From a distance it might appear to you like I lack empathy, but the reality ...

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Lekan broke up because I burnt his food

burnt his food

Funny title yea, but this is a real story. People break up for reasons more ridiculous than this and our story today aims to reiterate to every lover that when the relationship is not making you ...

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My Ex Was A Serial Cheat, I Regret Ever Dating Her

Serial cheat

Is it possible to see danger and readily fall into it all in the name of love? I can hear a lot of YES already. This dude’s story about her girlfriend who was touted as ...

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