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This Is What To Do When You Are TIRED Of Your Job

Sometimes, you get to a point at work where your motivation is completely depleted. But circumstances dictate that you can’t quit. So how do you keep going? There’s always a way. Much like most people, ...

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Revealed: Advisers That Are Dangerous For Your Relationship

relationship advisers

When it comes to your relationship, everyone has an opinion and/or advice to offer.  You undoubtedly have friends or family members who are anxious to lend ears, and become relationship advisers when you are having issues.  ...

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Why some people seem to enjoy abusive relationships

enjoy abusive relationships

They say “Bad girls/guys aint no good; good girls/guys aint no fun” but many choose to stick with the bad ones, and end up being abused. But people who have never been abused often wonder why ...

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Can I be ‘JUST FRIENDS’ with my EX?

just friends

Just as I began to feel satisfied and confident with my relationship-free self, guess who came back to throw a wrench in things and screw up my single girl life? My ex boyfriend, and one ...

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How to get over wedding jitters before your big day

wedding jitters

The cards have been distributed, the date is set, the wedding trousseau is ready and slowly you are approaching that dream wedding that you been dreaming since childhood. Inevitably, there would be wedding jitters at ...

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We are always breaking up, but I love him

breaking up

I’ve been friends with a guy for about two years. We were just friends and I never had any inclination that we would ever get together but some months back he kissed me, and that ...

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He doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend, but I love him

He won’t leave his girlfriend, but I can’t walk away. I feel trapped with a man who can’t decide if he wants to be in a relationship with me or not.  When we met five months ...

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I am in love with two women, and I want to marry both

two women

Help this fellow with your kind advice, blunt or not, only you are not allowed to judge. Just your candid advice. Thank you. I am in steady relationship and we are expecting our first child ...

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