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Why some people seem to enjoy abusive relationships

enjoy abusive relationships

They say “Bad girls/guys aint no good; good girls/guys aint no fun” but many choose to stick with the bad ones, and end up being abused. But people who have never been abused often wonder why ...

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Why do ladies remain in abusive relationships?

why ladies remain in abusive relationships

In this week’s social pulse, we are featuring a beautiful and charismatic social commentator, Princess Ada Ejem as she bares her thoughts on the issue of Abusive Relationships. Reacting to a story shared by a mystery ...

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How porn has affected my relationships – Addict

How porn has affected my relationships

A 19-year-old lady has been battling a porn addiction since she was just eight and says an early desire for ‘vanilla’ porn that eventually turned hardcore led to a string of abusive and violent relationships. ...

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‘Nigerian men are liars’ – Yvonne Nelson

yvonne nelson

Talk about the popular adage which says ‘Once bitten, twice shy’. We think Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has not just been bitten once, but one too many times. She has now indicated that she will ...

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