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Supporting your man is not an option, it should be a habit!

Does supporting your man require any contemplation or it should come naturally to you? We are about to find out!

It’s a good thing to be in relationship. There is a feeling that comes with having your own partner with whom you enjoy happy moments and endure the sad moments. But life is not always about the roses and glam. There will be stormy moments and gloomy days, and what will keep you strong in such phases is the level of support you provide for each other.

Today we’ll be talking to ladies in relationships; be it casual dating, courtship or marriage. This article is to help you understand that your man may be there to protect you, shield you, provide for you and mentor you; he also requires the same level of protection, succor and support from you.

He helps you get through bad times, but when he is having his own bad phase, you complain, when you should be there for him. You have sold yourself to the popular saying among women which goes thus; My money is mine, but my man’s money is our money. He sends you money when you are broke, but when he is broke, you begin to throw tantrums, when you should dig deep into your bank and splash on your man. He is willing to forgive your little mistakes and work things out, but you are never satisfied until you have made him pay for his own little mistakes!

Dear girl, your relationship is not optional, you chose to be in it, and it’s your duty (just as much as his) to provide the necessary support needed for each other.

Here are reasons why supporting your man is non-negotiable.

It is called a RELATIONSHIP! And this means that it should involve two people who have agreed to love, care, respect and commit to each other. Relationship involves two people that are willing to give to each other, willing to invest and deposit into one another’s life, that is the essence. What you give or deposit might vary or differ depending on the type of relationship you two agreed on but there must be giving from the two parties involved.

When it’s left for just one partner to do all the giving, all the providing, it becomes harder and mostly impossible for the relationship not to strain. Things becomes sweeter and less difficult when the man and the woman take time to show each other love, to give to each other and not leaving it solely on the shoulder of the man, it really won’t work out well.

You may not have the capability to solve all his problems, but you can show him that he has a shoulder to lean on too, just like he is to you. Develop the habit of being willing to extend a helping hand in solving his problems. Don’t let him carry his burdens alone when you are there to offer support or actually do something about it.

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Supporting your man is also necessary as it helps you retain your importance and relevance in the relationship. When you stop being relevant, you become an easy option. Note that it’s hard for a person to do away with things that they benefit from. People tend to stick with things that add relevance to their lives but sadly, some ladies have very little to offer, and thus they mean very little to their man; they can be cheated or abused.

It’s been often said that sex is not all there is to offer in a relationship. The world is fast changing, and sex is becoming a commodity that can be gotten anywhere. Therefore, sex is not enough to show impact or how important you are in anyone’s life.

You are more than your sex organs! When he is in need of things aside romance, you should be available. Prove to him that you have what it takes mentally, emotionally and financially. Make him realize he’s lucky and blessed by having you in his life.

Finally, supporting your man makes you equals rather than a subordinate! Neither you nor him will be seen as lesser or greater because you two strive together to make things work and when there’s mutual respect, love and support, there’s is happiness and peace of mind. That is what makes for an enviable relationship. But when you don’t put in much work as they do, you’re seen as an extra work or extra problem – a baggage – and that doesn’t make you any endearing.

So ladies, the reasons have been outlined, it’s left for you to check and know if you’re guilty of being a constant receiver and never a giver. If you are, we hope this will make you have a rethink towards the success of your relationship.

We care about your growth, happiness and success; you should too.


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