stupid reasons people get married

What are the stupid reasons people get married?

On the vox-pop segment today, we are taking a look at different possible ‘stupid’ or unreasonable reasons people get married. We hope this will help a lot of people out there realize themselves and go into this sacred institution with their motives intact, not just because of something that is ephemeral or temporary.

As often, we have engaged the timeline of the popular nurse and writer, Olubunmi Mabel to get opinions from members of the public on this topic, and below are some of the viewpoints held by people as ‘stupid’ reasons why people get married.


Olusola O’sola Fapohunda – Because others are getting married

Jennyfah Vedutti Ijioma – Because I’m pregnant

Olutossen Ajanaku – Because the sex is good.

Arit Asee – Because he’s a pastor

Akinsola MzLadygunner Mary’Cathryn – Because your parents wont let you be and you need to show them that you are a grown up man/woman.

Mykel Chetor Oyenigbehin Con – Because I pity her condition

Onyi Victory – Because you need someone to cook for you.

Rianat Opeyemi Rain – Because I’m scared if I leave him he would hurt himself.

Clara Udeh – Because I need a house help !

Adeniyi Adewale Timothy – Because my pastor or they said he’s nice, we match.

Ayomipe Monomiye – Because he has being there all along, so when he asked for marriage I can’t say no. Rubbish!

Gbala Dhunmolu Ifeoluwa “Because we are known to many as a couple (ask Facebook). People will be disappointed, especially our church members, if I don’t marry him”

Ejiro Notoma Jefferson – Because you want to move out of your parents house.

Shola Zaynab Owolabi – Because I am getting old the society is talking already , all my friends are married I need to get married too.

Gbadamosi Adeola  – Because I might not get a better offer if I do not marry this person. Because I need to prove to my parents that I am old enough to make decisions of my own #StupidReasons


Over to you readers, what are other stupid reasons people get married that you know or have heard before? We are eager to hear to from you.

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