gays and lesbians

STOP CRITICIZING – We are ALL gays and lesbians!!!

So same sex marriage is now legal in the USA. Well, what a shock!!

I can say this is arguably the biggest public outcry I have ever seen from the society at large, especially Nigeria, on any issue.

My fellow Christians, let me ask you this, are we surprised it came to this? What is the outcry for?

Today, brothels are thriving, strip joints are filled with married men. How many single Christians can say they are not actually having sex? How many married Christians can say they’ve never cheated on their spouses or not even continually cheating. How many women have not had abortions or men had women do abortions for them? How many churches do not welcome corrupt politicians with open arms. Even our “men of God” sometimes publicly shame the church and we let it go. How many of us do not commit fraud given the slightest opportunity ?

Of all the things condemned by God, how many do we not do and clean mouth, as Christians?

ARE YOU ALL AWARE ABORTION HAS BEEN LEGAL IN THE USA FOR YEARS? Why did we all not have this manner of outcry? Could it be because a lot of us enjoy its benefits? If abortion was truly outlawed and enforced, how many of us will not be distressed?

This is my theory:
Of all the things the bible condemns strongly, its only things like homosexuality that is NOT practiced by the majority. Therefore it is easy to condemn and point fingers at them. Have we Christians not taken liberty with every other thing like the ones listed above?

Let me ask you this, if homosexuality was indulged in by like 85% of the public, would it not have been swept under the rug just like fornication, adultery and even abortion?

It is the ones the majority of us don’t do that is convenient to say “God hates this one the most”.


Do you know who else should be stoned just like the homosexuals, according to the bible? Women who are not virgins on their wedding night. Would we like to enforce this one? Oh no, wait, our mothers and sisters may be affected. Some men don’t even want to marry virgins because they prefer women with experience. Wow.

I’ve even heard Christian men say “how can people be gay? It’s so disgusting. But I don’t mind two lesbians sha o, it turns me on”. Do you expect God to take our generation seriously?

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Think very well. All of this public outrage is sheer hypocrisy. Some of my Facebook friends have been very vocal in strong terms. One even said if you’re gay, don’t come near her because she does not condone what God cannot condone. I’d like to ask her, does she have friends that engage in any of the things listed above? How many has she cut off. Does the bible not say “love God and eschew evil”? The bible did not say “flee all appearances of homosexuality”, it says “flee all appearances of evil”. Selective fleeing is hypocrisy.

If the world did not end for all of our premarital sex, adultery, abortions, public embezzlement funds welcomed by the church, priests molesting children, dead bodies piling up during election, and all other atrocities and liberties we’ve taken and kept quiet about, trust me, the world will not end because same sex marriage is now legal.

If you truly did not see same sex marriage coming, with all the other liberties we had taken for ourselves, then you’re a bigger idiot than you thought.

So my fellow Christians, sheath your swords, let the matter rest. God can take care of himself and his creation. Many of us crying out now have not pleased God in anyway because if hell is indeed real, we will have cells next to these homosexuals. You are just the same as gays and lesbians and everything else related to same sex marriage!


Written by: Victor Oge Mobuogwu

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