Sound Sultan blasts beggar who returned N100 dash

Sound Sultan took to social media to share his view about a particular beggar, who happens to be a youth (obviously with no physical reason to beg) refusing the N100 dash the star gave to him.

The beggar succeeded in making the star not just unhappy but threw him into a reflective mood about Nigerian youth who have no qualms in easily swallowing their pride and begging instead.

The award winning musician shared an experience he had with someone who had begged him for money, only for the unnamed person to return the N100 the ‘Natural something’ star handed over to him earlier.

Sharing picture of the refunded money via his Instagram page, Sound Sultan wrote: ‘Sad case for Nigerian youths, always thinking they deserve
more for not working. Is there minimum wage for begging? If you ask me for hands out all the time, I am recognised by someone, I have the
right to decide what your salary to the hard work of recognition is. I gave a young man 100 card and he came back to put the money there as I
was driving off the little traffic. Ok you have class to refuse a hundred, you should have enough class to stop begging.’

True words from the star, directed to youths who have their limbs in place, but choose to indulge in begging instead.

Wait a minute, can we make a case for these beggars? There must be a reason some of these people resort to begging. What do you think?

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