Social Media Attitude

How your Social Media Attitude can affect you in Reality

Something happened to my friend a few weeks back. She lost a job opportunity because the intending employer did a quick background check on her through her social media accounts. What the employer found was not good enough – I won’t bore you with details – but she lost the job, and in her agony, she deactivated her account and has now learnt her lesson about Social Media Attitude. 

This event is what inspired Content Developer, Social Media Copywriter and Professional Barber, Adeola a.k.a Dee Last Born to scribble something noteworthy to every one of us about our Social Media Attitude and how it can affect us in Reality. I hope that after reading this, we would all put some consciousness into what we do, offline or online.

Read Dee Last Born’s write-up below:


It is a social site,
My attitude here doesn’t define me in real life.
I am not that saucy in real life.. Etc…etc

It is a pure BLATANT LIE…I repeat Dignified LIE.

80% of your real attitude is what you display here. It has happened, it is happening, it will continue to happen. They call something background check in every firm. That’s why they have guarantors too. Someone submitted her CV in a firm and was told to expect a call. Unknown to her, her Facebook account was scrutinized and her personality was nothing to write home about.
The way she handled issues, people and the way she attacked people like an angry lion. They went as far as checking her comments under other people’s Post…and they weren’t impressed. To cut a long story short, she was called and told the reason she can’t be employed was that she cannot manage people. SHE DELETED THAT ACCOUNT, lost the opportunity, and at the same time, gave herself a bad name.

Someone once told me that she envies my gentility, the way I handle issue online.

Come, not that I’m that stupid but My Mum often says ” prostrating for a dwarf doesn’t make you short” .

Truly some people are frustrating but don’t let them get to you, don’t let them use their shoki to spoil your dab. There are many ways to deal with people than being vulgar all the time. Sometimes you just swerve. It doesn’t make you less human.

Some people upload pictures here and you wont even know what to make of it. Now let me tell you what you probably don’t know.. Once you post anything here, it becomes a newspaper, its a public place not your father’s land, You have posted, the comment box is for your audience. You have dressed the way you want to be addressed.

Delete a comment you don’t like. Stop ranting ” Its my life, my wall “, no one is dragging it with you, its your birthright. If you keep saying its your life, then make a post only to your self by using the privacy settings (only me). Afterall we now like our posts by our own self.

You can’t snap a picture of your cleavage and expect horny/ perverted guys to keep quiet. You can’t upload a picture of you and your girl eating yourself (inform of kissing) and claim its your wall when people tell you to get a room. Don’t expect positive comment on your post all the time. You are not their personal lord and Saviour. Some criticism are to make you a better person, not out of hatred. Cut your claws.
You can forget, internet don’t..hence the memory Mark gives us everyday, what we did today, years ago.

I personally have met great personalities here. I’ve found opportunities too. Facebook is real.
That job you are looking for might be gotten here.
That partner might be here.
The contract might be here
Behave yourself, people are watching… Be the kind of person you want to meet outside here.
Attitude matters.

No one adds “Very outspoken on Facebook” to their CV.
No one wants to be seen with a vagabond…..


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In submission, life is not just what happens in certain places. Life is in everything you do, and there is a significance to every step you take. It’s only proper to maintain a figure that you would love to be known for and what you will be proud of anywhere you go. So dearies, please watch it; be it your social media attitude or offline attitude, it could go a long way. I hope this post has helped someone.

Have a great day.


I am OLUMIDE…Scribbling for GLOWVILLE


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  1. So damn true!! I totally relate with this.

  2. Well said…undiluted!

  3. Undiluted truth!

  4. Lessons for those who put out sm not very wise posts and dey claim “it’s my wall” *rme* on a public space?

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