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Smart answers to some of the funny questions ladies ask

Ladies can be really funny, especially with certain questions they ask their lovers. A lot of these questions can be tricky, putting you on the spot whichever way you choose to answer them. But we have to give some props to the word bank, Tosin Ayo, who has done some intelligent research into smart answer to some of the funny questions ladies ask. Enjoy this one, and try not to laugh too much. 

Here are some queer questions ladies ask men and intelligible answers.


1. Why do guys use the same lines of toasting to get women?
If you apply for several jobs, do you use different CVs? 

2. Why do guys only show their good sides before you agree to date them, only to show their bad sides afterwards?
Don’t you always put forward your best foot and first eleven? 

3. Why do guys stop being nice after they get what they want from ladies? 
When you win an election, do you still campaign? Since Buhari became President, have you heard anyone say- ‘Sai Buhari?’ 

4. Why do men lie that they love women at the point of having sex with them when being asked by women? 
A horny man has no conscience, only an erection awaiting deflation…

5. Why do guys lick their lips before they talk to ladies? 
How better can one lubricate his lies?

6. Why do guys carry their crotch when they walk? 
Don’t support your pregnancy with your hand when it’s heavy? A billion sperm cells is a heavy something, it’s not a joking sturvs…

7. Why do men cheat? 
Men don’t cheat, they are only home-sick. Blind, without recognition were they born as babies through the ‘place’, every other ‘place’ then feels like home…

8. Why do men sleep after sex? 
Even the Scripture states ‘come unto me all ye that labour and I will give you rest. After the cum, comes the rest…

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9. Why are men stingy with their money? 
If ladies can’t freely give of their natural resources from the ‘hole’ they didn’t drill, how do you expect men to give out their hard-earned cash from holes they drilled themselves?

10. Why do men stare at ladies with big tits and bums? 
Don’t you admire a car before you buy?


that’s it guys. You have better or more smart answers to funny questions ladies ask? Share with us in the comments section.

Remember, this is the LIGHTHEARTED category of this blog. Don’t take this article to heart, we are only exploring funny angles to relationship matters, and we dedicated Tuesdays to it.

Thanks for reading.

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