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On this segment today, we are looking at one of the mails we received recently from a reader. She gave us the permission to share this publicly, so we decided to ask your honest and objective opinion about it. In her letter, she wants to know if she should break up or patch up with her boyfriend who has a lot of trust issues. 

Please find content of her letter below:

Hi Glowville,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend (who is a co-worker) for two years. For the most part, I was extremely happy with him and believed he was happy with me. However a few months ago he broke up with me. He claimed the break up was due to stress and his inability to deal properly with the end of his previous relationship.

I was completely blindsided and devastated by the breakup. He has subsequently apologized profusely and we are working things out. But I am extremely paranoid and insecure about our relationship now. I have a job in sales that requires a lot of travel. He is not a great communicator, doesn’t like making plans, and needs a lot of “alone time.” I find it very hard to trust him and I am constantly doubting his affections, what he is doing, and who he is with when I am away. I am struggling to determine how we can progress with our relationship.

These feelings of doubt and mistrust are making me miserable but I dread another breakup as I know I will be equally devastated. Should I just cut my losses with him and move on, or should I believe that he means it when he says he wants to be with me?

I don’t know if a break up will be best for me at this point.


We look forward to your honest and objective advise for this lady. Kindly leave comments either in the Facebook Comment section below or via our main comment section when you scroll further down.

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Thank you.

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