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Sexting in a Relationship: What do you think about it?

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline the other day and I stumbled upon a very interesting tweet which caught my attention. The tweet addressed the salient issue of communication between lovers and consequently, how sexting could have a major influence on why so many relationships end. According to the tweet, when you take out sex chat from what lovers converse about, there is hardly any communication left. 

Sex chat has become a common thing among young people, and it is of little or no surprise to see many people affirming the validity of the tweet. But I chose to see it from a different angle, so I engaged my friend, Olayinka, to consider the tweet and share her opinion on sexting in relationships. Please read what she had to say after this image below.

sex chat

Why do some people think that if lovers don’t engage in sexting or ask what the other person is doing, they will have nothing else to talk about and it will lead to the collapse of the relationship?

Some couples enjoy sex chat and also want to communicate with each other all the time. Those who get talking almost all the time have every tendency to ask or say stuffs  like “have you eaten?, what did you eat? What are you doing? I’m horny….I wish you were here….who is there with you? ….and other stuff like that.

People in serious relationships have endless things to talk about, sex chat inclusive or not. Some couples are so close to the extent of knowing the number of undies their partners have! They talk about the future and how to make their future bright. Yes, they may often ask if the other person has had their meal and how it was cooked. This depends on the connection they have in the relationship.

It doesn’t have to be all the time though. Some people get irritated when asked questions like “have you eaten…. what did you eat…. where are you now… or being told stuffs like ” I’m in bed now, I’m. In the toilet…. I want to wash my panties… and so on. On the other hand, those are the stuffs some people want to hear. They like to visualize or know what their lover is doing at certain times.

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Sexting is not bad. It helps couples who believe in it and enjoy it. Regular communication including sex chat bring couples closer. Saying things freaky and naughty with the one you love is cool. It doesn’t imply that the relationship is based on sex and it doesn’t mean that you have nothing else to talk about.

Not all couples chat about sex, some consider it immoral and would rather talk about other things like the weather, movies, family, work, jokes, and so on.

So for me, saying that lovers only engage in sexting and ask what they are doing at the time of chatting isn’t totally totally correct, and it doesn’t determine the lifespan of the relationship.

With or without sex chats and endless communication,  a relationship can survive or crumble.

– As written by Yinka. O.

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