basic things men need in a relationship

Seven Basic Things Men Need In A Relationship

We have previously looked at seven things women need in a relationship and I had loads of comments asking me to do a post on basic things men need in a relationship. While I pondered on them, I read somewhere that “men are babies”…How true is that? I leave that for you to answer, based on your experience with men.

Men are often reluctant to talk about their needs, this however doesn’t change the fact that they have needs; lots of them. Believe me, knowing these things and giving them to your man can and will keep him from the hands of devourers.  So here is a list of the basic things men need in a relationship. Let’s begin, shall we?



I had to put this first else the men folk would not take it lightly with me. Sister, I tell you men have infamously tender ‘egos’ and this shouldn’t be seen as an entirely bad thing. It as a matter of fact can be a very good thing. No lady wants her man to be Mr. Coy so my dear, give him respect. Feed his ego, trust me, when it’s you feeding it, he wouldn’t put you down by the same ego you feed. I tell you again, respect your man.

Praise and Appraisal

Men constantly need reassurance about themselves, their careers, achievement, etc. almost as much as women, men from time to time need to feel appreciated. It boosts their confidence and trust me dear, a confident man is a happy man and a happy man makes his woman, extra happy.

Emotional Intimacy

From very tender ages men are taught to avoid appearing weak at all costs. This however does not mean that men don’t break down sometimes, they’ve just been taught to hide it. A man’s partner is therefore supposed to be his safe house. The one person he can expose all the cracks in his armour, he needs to make sure he can cry in front of you and not be repelled. When a man doesn’t feel like he can be “safely” emotional vulnerable with you, it shuts him down and eventually puts him away.


Men just as much as women need space sometimes. Lots of times actually. You don’t have to come over every weekend, or even call each passing hour. Trust me girl, nothing ends a relationship as fast as suffocating your man. He needs time for his hobbies, friends, projects, family, etc. You do not “need” to know where he is every single minute of the day. Just trust that he is not doing anything that puts both of you and what you share at risk. And that brings us to the next point…

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Incomplete would not quite cut it if I failed to include this in the list. Every man needs to trust and be trusted. Never give him reasons to not trust you and you also need to return the favour. He might actually be worth it… better to trust and be wrong than loose a good man because you simply could not deal with your insecurities.

Good food (preferably home made)

Hmmm… did I just make some heads turn? Well, like it or not every man likes a good home made meal so argue all you want about it babe, this might be all you need to keep your man but I dare say, it is a plus. A major plus

Sexual Intimacy

Easy folks, I said sexual intimacy not “sex”. Seriously folks, how would it feel to be with a guy/lady who has never once touched or even tried to kiss you? Common, don’t get all holy molly on me. Every human, men especially need to feel a certain level of sexual intimacy. It could bring down the morale of a man just thinking that you do not find him the least bit sexually attracted to him. So yea, show some loving ladies. It works magic.

That’s as much as we can take this week, till I come your way again next week, be safe people and yes, I still would love to hear your views. You can reach me on or


I am Cee-Y, scribbling for GLOWVILLE


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