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15 brave guys share their sad breakup stories.

Last month, a friend asked me, after reading one of the breakup stories I shared on this blog, why it was women who were more open about sharing their sad breakup stories. I couldn’t immediately gather my thoughts to give an appropriate answer, but he was of the opinion that guys are generally emotionally stronger, and do not necessarily carry the memories everywhere like women. According to him, you would have to prod a guy to get stories from him, unlike the ladies who are usually quicker to share their stories, because they just never forget!

I didn’t exactly agree with him, because I personally remember my own sad breakup stories, but in a bid to accommodate the thought without necessarily accepting it, I decided to put out a test. So, I randomly went on a little social experiment by asking guys randomly to share small details of their saddest breakup stories.

In all, I have been able to put together some of the saddest breakup stories I was able to gather from these guys whom I would keep ‘quite anonymous’. I’d like you to read, and maybe, it might evoke you to share yours with me by reaching out to me here. 

Here are Sad Breakup Stories that broke the heart of MEN. lol


“I broke up with my first girlfriend after I gained admission into the University and she was in her final year in the secondary school we both attended. We had been great friends for two years before then, but distance started to really affect us. I cared very much about her happiness but I wasn’t able to be there to make her happy, so I was hoping someone else would be able to, even though it killed me to think about it. She hated me for it, but to be honest, I loved her so much and my intentions were good. The next couple of months were very hard for me, but deep inside, I knew I did what was best for us. That was me, deliberately hurting myself to make sure she was happy” – Sam, O.


“I had been dating this particular girl for about two months when it got to the point where I just couldn’t deal with her anymore. She was super clingy and always calling me when I was trying to sleep. If I didn’t answer her call, she would begin to throw serious tantrums and threaten me with unprintable words. My sister advised me to break up, even though it was not what I would have loved to do. But she wasn’t changing, and I had to succumb. I was sad after the breakup, but I knew it was what I had to do because I needed my peace and my space. We still try to be friends, but I am scared of her; she still hasn’t changed. It still hurts me that someone as great as that girl would have serious attitude issues” – I.K


“After almost three years together, during which everything was really great between us, and we had gotten accustomed to friends and family, she suddenly started acting weird. She stopped talking to me as often, and when I tried to force a meeting with her to clarify issues, she sat me down and said, ‘I am not happy in this relationship anymore, I feel like we deserve better than we currently offer each other’. It was a total shocker for me because we never had any issues. I was crushed because breaking up not only meant that I was losing my girlfriend, but also my best friend. I felt empty and confused — there wasn’t a real reason why we broke up. Till now, I still don’t know. That’s one of the sad breakup stories I can recall” – Ehis. Y


“In this story, I think I was the one that inflicted the hurt. After dating this girl for four months, I decided the relationship shouldn’t go on any longer. The girl I was dating was getting too attached too quickly — not that it was a bad thing, but it just wasn’t what I thought I wanted at the time. She didn’t take the breakup well at all. Friends of mine would tell me about calls they would get from my ex crying, her telling them that she still had feelings for me and hated any girl I was seen just having a regular conversation with. I would get texts asking what I was doing on a certain day and who I was with as though we were still dating and she was concerned with my whereabouts. It was like having a mild stalker.” – Ehis Y (second story)


“My ex broke up with me in a very odd way; she invited me to lunch. Before that time, we hadn’t seen each other in a day or two, so I thought she just wanted to see me. Something seemed a bit off, when I got to the restaurant and she wasn’t smiling. I tried to tease with her favourite pet name, but she wasn’t moved. At that point, I knew it was over. To be honest, I don’t really remember what she said I did wrong. But I heard clearly when she said we were breaking up, and that she was really sorry, and then she left.

Interestingly, I managed to finish my food. I didn’t really feel much at the time; not because I didn’t care. I care. There was a heavy sadness in my heart, but I just kept smiling and nodding. I reached out to her a few times after then but she brushed me off. She said she stopped having feelings for me. I had to take it in good faith, but it’s still one of my saddest moments in this life” – Nomso. A


“We were in a long distance relationship and God knows I really loved the girl. I was faithful and all, even though I was getting gist about things she did with her male friends. One night, we were chatting and I jokingly asked her about one of the guys she was rumoured to be dating. To my surprise, she took it personal and went really cold. Next thing I saw the following weekend was the babe at my door. She came all the way from Ekiti to deliver the sad news of a break up to me. Still one of the most shocking moments of my life. She stayed the weekend, but it was a farewell visit. We truly broke up after she left. It really got to me, but I got over it eventually.” – Olamide. J



Breaking up with my ex was something I had been meaning to do for a while but did not have the courage to go through it because I hadn’t found a tangible reason. I had gotten tired of the relationship and wasn’t giving it all the attention it deserved. But to my greatest surprise, she sent me a text one Saturday to break up with me. It hit me had and I felt my heart breaking. What should have given me relief suddenly made me realize I still liked her, but it was too late. I tried to get her back, but she had moved on. I still regret taking her for granted – Ola. D


“Truth be told, I deserve to be called asshole of the year for how I treated my ex. She put up so much to be with me and bear my annoying attitude. What broke the camel’s back was when we attended a music show and she excused herself to use the rest room. She took quite a while to get back so I went to look for her. I eventually found her talking with a guy, then I snapped. Sincerely, I embarrassed us that day and left her there. Somehow, I lost her after that day to…guess who? The same guy she was talking to at the show! The thing pain me, but I had to learn my lesson the hard way” – Lewis, E

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“When I was 23, I lost my elder brother, who was the closest friend I had at that time. His sudden death got me very close to depression and things started getting a little weird between us. I started using my sadness as an excuse to mistreat her, and my other friends. Even in the midst of my cruelty, she acted in the nicest ways ever, but I didn’t care. I was a wreck. She tried to help me out even though it was completely not her responsibility at all. But I wasn’t making things easy for her. Eventually, it got to her, and she realized she couldn’t bear it anymore.

She broke up with me amidst tears and made me realize that my problems are my own, and getting over them had to start with myself. At the end of the day, she had to do what was best for her. The sadness of the breakup was what jolted me back to sense. I still miss her.” – Joshua, G


“We had known each other for almost two years and had been officially dating for four or five months. She ghosted me — then two weeks later texted me that she’d been ‘doing her own thing and I should, too.’ We had just started going to family events together, so naturally, I felt confused, abandoned, and betrayed. Especially since there was someone else in the picture a week later. I still don’t know if I want to ever be in a real relationship after that experience” – Gozie. A


“One of the breakups that hurt me most was one that involved my ex and two of her friends. My ex and I had a disagreement at the time. She wasn’t talking to me and didn’t want to see me. So, I tried to use her friends to get across to her. I was talking to both of her friends, and they were willing to help. But somehow, they seemed to have this urge to outdo each other in helping me settle issues with my ex. It soon escalated into a fight between the two friends, and then an accusation that I was sleeping with one of them. Before I knew what was happening, what should have been a peace mission became war, and I lost the girl I desperately tried to keep. She bought the lie that I was trying to sleep with one of her friends; or both of them. It still hurts till date” – Emma.


“We had it good in the barracks. She was the hottest girl in the hood and I was proud to be exclusive with her. Smart girl, talented, and supportive of my career. I had vowed to her we would stick it through, but when life happened, we just couldn’t hold it together. Being the daughter of a soldier, it came with constant movements. So, when her father was transferred to the south south, she had to move too. We tried hard to keep in touch, it was difficult but we still kept it going until she left the country to school in Norway. That was the end. I only see her on Instagram these days, but I am still hoping she comes back someday.” – Austin Y


“My most recent breakup last May was the hardest, in my opinion. We had only been together for four months when she started complaining that I was too conservative for her. She wanted me to be the guy who clubs, and does all the bad boy stuff. But those weren’t my thing. My idea of fun is taking a walk around the park, going to the theater or cinemas, or sightseeing. She wanted us to do more, and even though I tried to bend to her desires, it just didn’t flow. We mutually agreed to end it, but I was deeply hurt because I really liked her.” – Bimbo.


“I was crazy about this girl and had a MAJOR crush on her. I just couldn’t think of anything else when she was around me. Finally, I asked her out and she said yes. We started to date and it was magical. We were both so happy for some months. Then we started to fight and get into an on-again, off-again relationship. When we graduated, we were headed to different places for Youth Service and decided to go our separate ways. But halfway through service, she asked to visit me. We remembered all the good times from our relationship and decided to get back together.

She went back to base and when we reunited in Lagos after Youth Service, everything was so weird. I couldn’t think of continuing the relationship with her at that point. I asked what was going on and she said nothing, but felt distant. Finally, she told me she was in love with a guy she met during service. Apparently, she had cheated on me multiple times, and she didn’t want to be with me anymore. I was angry and let her go. It really did hurt me. Ranks as one of the sad breakup stories I won’t forget in a hurry” – Kayode. O


“We were each other’s first love. It took us a long time to have sex, but after we did, it seemed like there was some kind of energy transfer. I started to really like her more than I did before, but she started to like me less than she did before. Every week, there was one quarrel or another between us, and soon enough she texted me to say she was tired of the whole thing. The reason it hurt me deep was because I felt really hypnotized by her at that time. I’m over it now, but I easily recall it as one of my saddest breakup stories” – A.B
That’s it from the guys who have shared their sad breakup stories. Are you reading this, and would love to share a feature breakup or love story with us at Glowville? Great! Send me a message here and let’s get started.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog today. Till next week, when I come with other real life sad breakup stories to learn from.


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