romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day

5 Super Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Don’t panic if you haven’t set any plans for Valentine’s Day! Here are some last minute romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day that’ll make your planning a breeze!

So, let’s say Valentine’s Day is drawing close and you haven’t reserved a restaurant. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of great date ideas for this special day that might even cost much less than what you would pay with a traditional dinner and a movie date. Let’s explore some of these romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day as shared by our friends from Majesty Diamonds.


Outdoor Fun

With most of our busy lives, it can be easy to take nature and our environment for granted. While we can still take advantage of the natural setting around us, plan a date outdoors!

If you’re living in cold winter weather, show your true love that the cold can be fun and romantic. Have a snowball right or build a snowman together and bring out the playful side in you. Going to a skating rink can be an activity you can both enjoy together. Afterwards, you can move the date inside and serve some hot chocolate while you cozy up by the fire.

For those of your living in a milder climate, there are so many outdoor options! Think about what your partner would actually enjoy doing and plan around that. Go for a challenging hike or cycling trip. Take a romantic walk along the beach. Try something new or do something you know that you both love. Either way, you can plan something to be excited about and make beautiful memories together. As the day ends, share a romantic picnic under the stars.

Go Down Memory Lane

Sometimes instead of creating completely new memories with your significant other, find a way to refresh some old ones. A great way to go about that is to recreate your first date or both of your favorite dates you’ve shared. Even if it wasn’t something particularly special or fancy at the time, it will be special to both of you when you redo it and think back on your time together since then.

This can be a pretty emotional option and will show how much you care. Even though the setting might be the same, a perfect way to bring something new to the experience would be to gift a new pair of diamond stud earrings or a stunning diamond pendant to end the night and create a lasting smile.


Bring Out Your Artistic Side

Creating something together can be a romantic idea and bring you even closer to one another. If the two of you do artsy activities together already, try to come up with something new to try. If you aren’t exactly sure where to start with an art date concept, then keep it simple and search online for crafty things to do in your neighborhood.

There are many places that offer painting lessons while wine tasting, which could be an excellent option. Some other popular and entertaining ideas could be making pottery together, scrapbooking about your relationship, song or poetry writing or basically anything that you can create with your significant other.

Other less hands on artistic activities include going to a museum or an art gallery. There are so many different types of museums out there that aren’t exclusively of art, such as history museums, memorabilia, fashion, sports, and so many more! Choose something that you know your partner will enjoy and that you can enjoy along with them.

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Give Back

While Valentine’s Day is typically a day to celebrate the love you and your special someone have for one another, it can be refreshing to switch it up and make it about other people. You will both feel good about yourselves for donating your time and giving back. Volunteering together can even bring the two of you close to each other and see a side to your partner that you might not get to see very often and same for them to see of you.

If your partner has a special cause that they feel strongly about, such as animal rights, help for special needs children or feeding the homeless, then you can choose a volunteer opportunity that relates to that need and will make you both proud to be helping out. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, help build homes for those in your community, help someone learn how to read or even spend time with the elderly where you might get to hear some romantic stories from their past!

Keep It Simple

If you want to keep your day or night low key, there’s no rule that says you have to go out on Valentine’s Day. You can have a romantic evening in together. Cook a nice dinner together, cuddle up on the couch and watch that movie you’ve both been wanting to see, or just slow down and take the time to deeply talk to each other without the usual distractions of your busy lives. The time alone without having to stick to a stressful plan for this day can be revitalising, especially if you have kids or on the go a lot for work. Staying in can also give you the opportunity to give your partner a special gift that they might have been hinting towards!


There are so many romantic and entertaining ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, and these are only the start of your options. The best thing to do is use your instincts and plan something that your loved one will appreciate. The planning and thought that you put into making this day special, no matter what you end up doing (or not doing), will speak volumes to your significant other.



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