romantic getaway ideas for couples in Dubai

Best romantic getaway ideas for a couple in Dubai

Many couples across the world are individually engaged with work and have little or no romantic time together anymore. Whilst some couples try to make up by creating time for romantic getaway activities, other couples are having a hard time with it, and this has caused a gap and negatively affects their marriage.

For those couples who desperately need romantic time together, the idea of a romantic getaway will do their union a lot of good, in one or more of the following ways;

  1. Rekindling the lost spark between the couple.
  2. Giving them an opportunity to rest and relax, as a couple, and in a romantic atmosphere.
  3. Creating a good place to renew vows and stand by them.
  4. Making the relationship/union stronger than before.

One of the best places in the world a couple can visit for such a romantic getaway is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

You may wonder why Dubai gets my nod. Apart from the fact that you are able to get quite cheap flights to Dubai, I can also show you some of what to experience on a romantic getaway trip to Dubai.

The Restaurants.

1. Skyview Bar, Burj Al Arab

skyview bar dubai

skyview bar dubai

You already know about the Burj Al Arab, so I won’t bore you with details of it. But this restaurant with the Burj is one of those places you would like to be with your lover. One of its major highlights is that you get a panoramic view of the Gulf and adjoining islands. You can also get a taste of Arabic and Modern European food. Cost for 2 is approximately AED 750 (including alcohol).

Nice isn’t it?


2. The Bateaux Dubai.

bateaux dubai

bateaux dubai

This places is known for giving you the rare chance to cruise on ship while you dine. Can you beat that? There has been a lot of amazing reviews for this restaurant, especially for the sea lovers. A visit there will give you awesome romantic memories to cherish for a long time. Romantic dinner for two averagely costs around AED 950.


3. Chillout Ice Lounge.

chillout bar dubai

chillout bar dubai

Just as the name suggests, it’s a CHILL OUT. This lounge is known as the first ice lounge in middle east. Have you been to an ice lounge before? This might be an opportunity to experience one, and with the most important person in your life! How about that? In this bar, you get Ice seating, and it has uniquely illuminated interiors – all at subzero temperature!

This is far from what you are used to, and that’s another reason to try it out. Spending time there is also very affordable at the cost of just AED 100 for a couple.


The Romantic Hotels in Dubai.

1. Anantara Dubai – The Palm Resort and Spa. 

anantara dubai

Anantara Dubai

This hotel is a Thai-style hotel located in east of Palm Jumeirah. It is one of Dubai’s two artificial palm-shaped archipelagos. Anantara is also one of Dubai’s best resorts, and it is perfect for couples on a romantic getaway in Dubai or families with kids. All of the rooms come with excellent amenities and it is a typical high-end holiday resort that will give you maximum satisfaction.


2. Fairmont The Palm, Dubai

Fairmont dubai

Fairmont Dubai

This beautiful hotel is located on the trunk of Dubai’s exclusive Palm Jumeirah and it has a very impressive private beach. The hotel also has first class facilities which include but are not limited to four swimming pools and an excellent spa. All the rooms have balconies, but only higher category rooms guarantee sea and city views, and some look out over a busy road. This hotel particularly offers a genuine taste of high-class Dubai.  It doesn’t come for cheap, but it sure guarantees you a great time.


3. Raffles, Dubai.

Image result for raffles dubai

According to some quarters, this is the most romantic hotel in Dubai. Why does it have such a lofty status? It has plush, spacious rooms, lush gardens, and an outdoor pool. You also find huge rooms and suites cloaked in luxurious fabrics and materials with handcrafted decorative details, modern technology, lavish bathrooms, private terraces, and personal butlers on call 24/7. The hotel’s expansive features include seven restaurants and bars, a gorgeous pool with swim-up bar, and spa facilities in the gardens ideal for couples. What more do you want from the most romantic hotel in Dubai? If you can afford it, make sure to be here with your lover.

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Romantic activities for couples in Dubai.

1. A walk on the beach.

couple walk on the beach

If you get to the golden sands of Jumeirah beach or Dubai Marine Beach, you will probably be unable to resist the temptation of walking. What more? You also get to catch an exotic glimpse of sunset. There’s no way you can convince me that this is not one of the most romantic moments to have when you travel to Dubai.

Not to forget, you can also enjoy thrilling water sports like water skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. Hang out at beach sides, collect shells, make footprints on the sandy beaches, have a Sun bath, and a picnic with your lover or family.

There’s so much fun you can have at the beach in Dubai when you on a romantic getaway with your lover.


2. Horse Riding.

horse riding dubai

One of the other activities you can enjoy on a beach is Horse Riding. It is special because it gives couple closeness and fun at the same time. Riding around with your bodies together is a very great feeling. But that’s not all, you can actually take horse riding lessons from experts in Dubai. You not only ride romantically, you also get to learn to ride expertly! Isn’t that some form of value to take away from your Dubai Trip? I’d take this opportunity any day!


3. Go on a Spa Date.

Image result for couple on spa date

You can also have a great time relaxing your body at one of the numerous spas in Dubai. When you use the spa, you are not only being good to your romance, you are being good to your body. There are notable spas in Dubai that offer great spa services. Going with any one of them will sure leave you feeling great about your self.


4. Visit the Water Park.

Image result for wadi water park dubai

How about a visit to the water park? This is one of the fun moments you don’t want to miss in Dubai. A place like the Wadi Water Park gives everyone the opportunity to have a wild time and also provides special moments for couples on a romantic getaway to take back as lovable memories. Although the entrance fee to the water park depends on your height, tourists staying in Jumeirah Beach Hotel are however allowed to have a complimentary entrance.

There is a plethora of rides to enjoy in this park and guests can choose to deposit money towards magnetic guest wristbands which eliminate the requirement of carrying wallets throughout the park for buying food and beverage.


5. Take a ride on a Seaplane.

Image result for seaplane dubai

This is one of the items in my bucket list. I am recommending it to every couple planning to travel to Dubai. You can experience spectacular views of Dubai’s skyscrapers, beaches and architectural wonders on a 40-minute seaplane flight. The flight takes you over the World Island, Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, and other famous landmarks.


There are more hotels, restaurants and activities you can enjoy on a trip to Dubai, but I have chosen to limit them to these few, just to whet your appetite and make the decision a lot more exciting for you. The most interesting part of this is that getting there is very easy. There are platforms that guarantee you cheap flights to Dubai. You don’t have to spend too much money to give yourself a wonderful romantic getaway with the one you love; or to give your family that wonderful fun break they all yearn for.


My final question is; when are you going to Dubai?

Let me know if I struck a chord in you, via the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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