Ridiculous stories about Nigerian Tribes

Ridiculous stories about Nigerian tribes that affect relationships

A friend, Chukwuba Chiluba made a post last year about ridiculous stories about tribes in Nigeria which then affect relationships; she had the Mbaise people in spotlight. She talked about how the Mbaise people are stereotyped as evil and cunning, and that reminded me of a similar ridiculous story I have heard about the Ìjẹ̀bú people.

A lot of Yorùbá tribes outside Lagos and Ogun State will say things like “Don’t marry someone from Ogun State, particularly Ìjẹ̀bú” and I really wonder why we continue to let these ridiculous stories persist among us.

I have seen what would have been great relationships die at the feet of these stereotypes. Some mothers include it in the sex talk they have with their sons. And for those that fail to mention it, the moment you go visiting and she asks you where you’re from, that’s it!

I have had the opportunity to ask a couple of people why they reason this way. They’ve never really had anything to say that doesn’t boil down to fallacy of hasty generalization.

The most common reasons /excuses are:

1. They are very diabolical *then they go on to list all the Ìjẹ̀bú they know that jazzed and eventually killed their husbands……

2.They are promiscuous, they don’t see anything wrong with sleeping around while they’re married….

3. Most of them don’t remain in their husband’s house for long….

I have also heard different stuff about people from Benue, Oyo, Akwa Ibom, Ilaje, and others. Some of them are out of this world and very unbelievable, but they have caused a lot of havoc to relationships that should have been blissful. Being Nigerians that we are, we tend to believe these stories and let go of precious people to myths and unfounded stories. I am hopeful that this post will cause change in our reasoning, and we won’t have to hand this ridiculousness over to the next generation.

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Have you been affected by any of these stereotypes and ridiculous stories? Do you know of any ridiculous story from any tribe? Please share with us in the comments section below


This post was made with contributions from Olutayo Abiola

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  1. On the issue of stereotypes, it is unfortunate that I can no totally stand and say therez nno iota of truth. It may not be true that all girls or boys from atribe behave thesame, therez an element of similar traits.

    I am from Ilesha n I am stubborn. My sibs can be too to extent their temparaments allow.

    What I wkll say tho is that people should be accepted on a case by case basis not as a general rule to follow stereotypes.

    Itz not always true.

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