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When it is the ‘responsible’ thing to break up…

Is it ever a responsible thing to break up with someone? Would they ever understand? This story might change your perspective about why some breakups happen. Please read carefully below.

When it is the responsible thing to break up…


He loved her, just as insanely as she loved him.

In her brown eyes, he could see someone staring back at a Prince.

He is just another average guy, but he is what she wanted. The way he laughs at her stale joke, the way he weaves her hair with ease and grace, his furrowed brows and boyish smirk – these little insignificant details kept her glued to him, as he was to her.

Nothing else mattered, as long as they had each other. As long as she had him who’d listen to her talk about her horrible day, talk about her dreams. Someone who believed she could be the next biggest celebrity fashion designer.
She was content. For she was just seventeen and love was her biggest dream, at the moment.

Then life grabbed the wheels; She gained admission, she could now join him as they both pursue their academic dreams. Then the twist, her dad passed.

She needed him and he was there for moral support. He made the pain less — painful. But with Dad’s demise came uncharted responsibilities – Her siblings would go to school, she no longer have someone to shelter her as she once was. Mum needed help too. She needed more than moral support, she needed financial support too. He knows.

He would listen and try his best to inspire her and keep her eyes on the goal. But slowly, he is starting to realize that he is handicap just as she was. For he is just another average student and can’t provide for her. Can’t protect her either.

He knows what he has to do, for he is the logical one. So he slowly withdraws, he quits calling, starts ignoring her calls too. He tactically avoids her, hoping she’d get the message and move on. Maybe with him out of the picture, she could be free to get someone that could assist her in ways he can’t.

Yes, he is a coward. He is selfish. But he consoles himself with the thought that it is all for her – He would be the devil for a while, he would be hated forever.

But Hey, Love is responsibility. And he doesn’t deserve it, yet.

– as written by Blezzed Abraham


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This is a break up story that touches on many sides of reality. There are so many people who are holding to relationships they are not capable of managing, just because their ego won’t let them, or they feel they are too immersed in love to let go.

The male character in this story took a decision when he believed that it was the responsible thing to break up. The lady may not understand, but he had to do it for her.

Nonetheless, should he have handled it better than just pulling away? Should he have talked about it? Should he have waited a while?

What else do you think he could have done to lessen the hurt of breaking away? Have you ever felt like it is the responsible thing to break up with someone? Did you make a decision? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below.

Thank you.

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  1. This is quite sad and touching. He did the right thing but did it the wrong way but then, he could have sit her down and they could have figured a way to earn extra cash even as students…The whole stuff is indeed messed up sef. And I know it must be a tough decision to make but letting her go the way he did will only mess up her emotions more and she may find time to adjust and be who she used to be.

    Heatbreaks are difficult but managing a relationships that is causing strains on you both isn’t healthy for any one of them too. But i believe in finding a common ground and resolving it amicably without hate.

  2. God knows I need this.

    Enough sermon for a sunday morning. Thanks a lot.

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