why ladies remain in abusive relationships

Why do ladies remain in abusive relationships?

In this week’s social pulse, we are featuring a beautiful and charismatic social commentatorPrincess Ada Ejem as she bares her thoughts on the issue of Abusive Relationships. Reacting to a story shared by a mystery lady about her experience with an abusive boyfriend,  Princess takes a dive into the ladies who choose to remain in abusive relationships. Please read and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

Here’s the story of the mystery lady and her abusive boyfriend. Princess Ada’s reaction follows just after the image.

why ladies remain in abusive relationships

This abusive relationship thing has gone out of hand and can be annoying.

I believe the most naive girls are the ones who remain in an abusive relationship and make comments like “oh I know he loves me,” “oh, I annoyed him badly, that’s why he beat me”, oh this and oh that! For God’s sake no sane man has the right to hit a woman, not even his sister.

If you feel as a guy, you’re Mayweather’s clone, please find a boxing ring and get an opponent!!!

Two weeks ago, my intern friend told me of a situation at the hospital where she works; about a lady who was brought in with; infact allow me to introduce “fifth degree burn” – burnt badly!….and I’m like ahah what happened?

She said she told her boyfriend she didn’t want to continue with the relationship and the guy went to her shop, set her on fire and set himself on fire. The guy died on the spot but the lady was not only physically damaged but severely traumatized.  

I was so sad, upset and angry…but wait, before it got to that extent; why didn’t this sister run for her life???

I tell people that a guy hitting the table when he’s angry is an indication for you to flee and end it with him before it becomes a BATTERship on you instead of a RELATIONSHIP.

Why wait for him to slap you? or break a plate? and maybe finally kill you before you see he is bad for you.

Dear woman, please stop letting these guys destroy both your self worth and only God knows what next! You’re the apple of GOD’s eyes and any guy who won’t treat you as a precious jewel should be avoided.

I say no to abusive relationships any day and any time! You should too.

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