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These Relationship Tips have been specially designed into small bits in graphics for easy remembrance and practice. You can take some of these pictures and share with your lover, family and friends. The aim is to encourage as many as possible to imbibe healthy relationship ethics and be better for it.

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  • When you compliment your partner often, you boost their self confidence and open window of optimism in your relationship. This ranks very high among relationship tips you should take seriously.

complimenting your partner | glowville relationship tips

  • There are tons of great lessons you can learn from older couples. It’s always advisable to choose an older couple as your mentor. Look out for those who can give you sound relationship tips.

relationship tips from older couples

  • Your goals and dreams are more likely to achieve, not just when you have them in your head, but when you write them down, and run with them, along with the one who loves you most. Your number one fan.

Write down your goals - Glowville Relationship Tips

  • Put away your phone when talking to your partner. It steals valuable moments that could potentially boost your relationship. Focus on your partner, your phone will always be there.

Put away your phones - Glowville Relationship Tips

  • When you do things together with your partner, it affords you an opportunity to learn more from them and about them.

Do things together - Glowville Relationship Tips

  •  Spending time away from each other is a good way to miss each other and learn to draw closer. The feeling is usually great when you get back, and the relationship is refreshed.

Glowville Relationship Quotes Missing Each Other

  •  Sometimes, it’s neither your partner nor your relationship that is complicated. It’s you who’s not listening to your partner enough. Take time to listen to your partner, you will learn more and love more.
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Relationship tips Glowville listen to your partner

  •  Do you know that it feels better when you sleep in the arms of the one you love? It is actually more effective than sleeping pills. Try it sometime.

Relationship tips Glowville Cuddling

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