Reasons a lady may not be saying YES

Reasons a lady may not be saying YES to you right now

A lot of guys get frustrated when they are not making headway with ladies after several attempts to start a relationship. Whilst it is understandable that they feel that way, it is also necessary to understand reasons a lady may not be saying YES to you right now.

In this short piece written as a letter to guys by Olabisi Vanessa, she explains some of the understandable reasons a lady may not be saying YES to a guy, and what a guy may need to do in that instance. Please enjoy.

Dear brother; dear friend.

Never judge a lady because she doesn’t have a relationship status, and never underestimate her because she is single or has chosen to remain that way.

There are many reasons ladies become that way, and it’s much better you understand them before you try to pass judgement.

She might be single because she doesn’t believe in casual love affairs and out of the blue relationships, which has become a trend since the advent of social media. You meet too many guys who just want a fling, because they met you on twitter or facebook. Don’t expect every girl to fall into that ditch.

Maybe she fears being in a relationship because of a recent breakup. Once bitten twice shy, they say. If you don’t immediately learn from your own lessons, give the ladies a chance to learn from past mistakes. It may take time to heal from a break up, but it’s definitely worth it to make sure the next relationship doesn’t turn out the same. So, take a chill pill and stop judging her because she is saying YES to your advances.

Maybe she was cheated upon and she is too shattered to trust a man again. Trust is earned, I bet you know that. Time is what it takes. Need I say more?

Maybe she wants a man who would understand her and take relationships seriously. It’s not just enough to love a woman, you need to supply that love with necessary nutrients like making your woman feel special, respecting her, and honouring your relationship with her. Sadly, a lot of men know this, but they lose motivation once they get the girl.

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Maybe she is waiting for her true love and she has the courage, strength, ability, attitude and confidence to wait for what she deserves. If she is not saying YES right now, there is every possibility you don’t fit into her desires. Whilst I won’t advice you to give up out-rightly, I will also not advise you to hang on as if your life depends on it. Seek a forum for clear communication, and try to figure out how you can come into her life. Sometimes, you are better off as a girl’s friend than forcing yourself to be her lover. Forcing it may eventually end up in both of you having an irreparable fallout and destroying every chance of ever smiling with each other again.


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  1. Hmmmm. Everything starts with communication. When a Lady explains what she is passing through, the guy will know how to deal with her. Fronting and giving a cold shoulder won’t help.

  2. Exactly! @ idris. and dat is very typical of the Nigerian lady. I lose interest almost immediately when a lady starts fronting. Many of them still need to attend communication seminars. Admin, pls do a write up on diz…”how fronting can make u lose that ur fav man” “The annoying sides of girl-fronting” “nigerian girls and social media manners on friendship/relationship” . Or anytin around the above

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