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Realities You MUST Face As A Lady.

Dear ladies, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What do you see when you envision the picture-perfect ‘future’ you long for? Well, whether you see yourself happily married or single with a blossoming career, what you do today will determine how comfortable you’ll be tomorrow. Here are some realities you must face as a lady.

A woman must have goals, she must see herself as more than just a certain someone’s wife. You are a soul that was sent to the earth for a reason, your life also has a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled.

What are you doing with yourself? What are your goals and dreams in life? A woman that has no dreams will become her friends’ errand girl; that one friend that everyone calls whenever they need someone to send back and forth while they are at work or in their business place. Think about it, you’ll always be available. No life, no future, nothing to stand for and they’ll be like ‘why not if not!’

A woman has got to be independent!

A married woman that totally depends on her hubby for everything is building grounds for resentment. You must learn to stand on your feet, not for oppression or competition with the man of the house, but for completion.

A man will respect you when you bring something to the table. Even if he’s well to do, his respect for you will multiply, not because he wants the money, but because you represent him well in public. Honestly, in this day and age, no man wants a liability for a wife. Trust me, every man wants an independent woman who honors him by choosing to depend on him, we want your support; financially and intellectually, a mate that can be trusted to give brilliant ideas while making decisions.

You are inviting abuse and loads of resentment if you wait on a man for your well being. If he is feeding, clothing and doing it all, eventually he will want to control you; matter of fact he owns you. You are his property because if he says no, NO is NO. Your opinion does not count, if you disagree, you will not get what you want from him; if he says sit, you sit or no money, no food, no clothing.

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Eventually you will start to resent him but more importantly, your self esteem would eventually become non-existent. For your self respect, have your own, For your dignity, have your own. I’m sure you agree with me on this; you should have a say in your own home.

So I’ll ask again; where do you see yourself in 5years? Start to look at what you can do today to make your tomorrow better. Do you need to go back to school? It’s never too late. What do you need to do to make that happen? Do you prefer to learn a trade? How will you make it happen?

Your future and the future of your children depends on this. Your hubby may decide to leave, or God forbids he leaves you for yonder… Where would you be?

Wake up, think on this. You’re a woman, but your purpose here is certainly not to be a bystander, you are also capable of leading.

This is not to make you lose respect for your man or compete for power with him, it is to awaken you to your own responsibilities as a woman, a partner and as the help mate that God created you to be.

These are the realities you must face as a lady; harsh or just plain and straight? Let me know in the comments section. Thank you.

– Olabisi Vanessa

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