punchline that made me fall for him

The PUNCHLINE that made me fall flat for him

It’s another beautiful Thursday and I am currently looking for a Pick up line tutor to increase my chances of converting my crush to my lover as the dude in our featured Lovers’ Story did. Don’t be deceived, punchlines or pick up lines still work. Our ladies can testify to the fact that they still fall for them. You can tell me if it works for you or not after reading this story.

Mine is a rather short story, one which I would just focus on the most important part. I beg Glowville team to pardon me on this one. I had known Mark for a long time from a distance, we never spoke; but one memorable pick up line (also called punchline) from him started a fire that has refused to be put off and will never go off.

How did it all happen?

It was my third year in the company where I worked. All the while, I knew this guy only from afar as one of the staffers who worked in the legal department. I was in the accounts department, hence we rarely had an interface except at End of the Year parties, but I was usually busy handling one thing or the other.

This particular year was different. I got promoted, and didn’t have to do the duties that usually kept me busy at the end of the year event.

Prior to this day, I had picked certain info about Mark from the small gossips among colleagues in the department. He was said to be a gentleman, a brilliant lawyer, spiritual, friendly, and of course, good looking! That ticked virtually box for a lady seeking an ideal husband material, no be so? lol.

No one really knew if he was single or dating, but he didn’t wear a ring and never wore one since he joined the company. That made the coast clear for any of the ladies to believe they stood a chance.

I was his secret admirer too, but I let it remain that way because it didn’t seem like we were ever going to have a time to talk, not even to think of spending time together. I also didn’t think a guy so hot and ‘husband material‘ like him would be lying fallow without a lady somewhere. I didn’t want to mount an imaginary horse and end up with disappointment and regret later. So I kept my cool until this particular moment.

The event had started before I arrived, so I didn’t need the luxury of selecting someone to sit with. I quickly took a seat at the nearest table which was empty at the time.

Mark was reading a speech when I entered and shortly after, he finished his speech and was greeted to a rapturous applause. I didn’t get the full idea of what his speech was about but I joined in cheering him (never mind the fact that a tripping lady just likes everything about you even if she knows nothing about you. lol).

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In the spur of the moment, I wanted to quickly find the table where other guys in accounts were sitting or with other people I had developed a rapport with, but I heard a voice from behind.

“Can I share this table with you please?”

I didn’t need anyone to tell me it was Mark. I made sure I hid every form of excitement in me and told him to sit.

I mentally prepared myself to shield myself from everything that would give me away and let him see that I had been dying to talk to him.

He had other plans; and it caught me unawares.

You took something from me. I should sue you for burglary and theft, but after deep thoughts, I have decided not to press charges. I will let you keep it for as long as you wish to. Maybe forever” Mark said curtly, looking straight into my eyes, with an expression that lacked every form of emotion.

I was thrown off-balance immediately. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I was really scared. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I can be scared of having issues with the Police and Lawyers.

I didn’t know what I had taken from him or how to return it. I had my thoughts around office stuff, and after a few minutes of searching through my head, I dropped the inevitable question; one he apparently had been waiting for.

“What did I take from you?”

“My heart!” He exclaimed! His face was suddenly lit and he was all smiles. I was practically melting. His smile was beautiful. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, momentarily dragging attention to us.

I saw the faces of others. They probably knew at that moment that we had found each other.

That famous punchline from Mark rang in my head for several months after we became friends, and eventually started a relationship.

He happened to be a sweeter person that I thought I saw from afar. I thank God everyday for making our paths cross. I couldn’t have asked for a better man.

That was how I met my man.


Interesting story! Please let us know which punchlines have worked for you in the past or if you fall for them.

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