Public display of affection

Public Display of Affection (PDAs): Good or Bad For You?

Public display of affection, commonly termed in short as PDA is an act of physical intimacy by two lovers in the view of others. It is an act of holding hands, kissing, hugging and displaying all kinds of mushiness in the public as commonly seen with celebrities in love. The Obamas and Carters (Jay and Bey) come to mind as evident in the pictures below.

Obama and wife public display of affection PDA

Jay Z and Beyonce public display of affection PDA

No one really knows what PDAs looked like or what people thought of it in the old days. But today, public display of affection is something that most couples indulge in, at least in the beginning of their days of physical exploration and discovery. What is of concern is that whilst two lovers are obviously showing how much of love is between them, what really has it got to do with people around them? Do they feel comfortable? Is it something they approve of? Should you even care? 

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It is important to note that what is an acceptable public display of affection varies with respect to culture and context. It is accepted in some climes and seen as a normalcy, but in other climes, it may be termed as a show of perversion. That is why we decided to ask members of the public what they think about PDAs and if they can engage in it.

With the help of our friend, Olubukola Ozone, we were able to gauge different reactions from social media users on this subject. Here is what we gathered.

Dba-Nafeesah A. Nkrumah said – It’s cool if done with sincerity not just to show off.

Oluwatosin Olacluster Olasupo said – It’s not bad if the other person is comfortable with it.

Mhiz Comfort said – I’m indifferent to it. If bae likes it, fine. If he doesn’t, fine.

Fatunla Opeyemi Kayode said – to each his/her own. I believe in going with whatever makes us (me and my partner) happy; so far its harmless. If its PDA, cool if otherwise, its still cool. The keyword being ‘happiness’. 

Maudlyn Adaeze Ifada said – I love it, and if bae doesn’t, I won’t be mad

Ogunleye Florence Olabisi said – I love it…the reason, i don’t know as i do it unconsciously with no intent of showing off but i am with someone who doesn’t like it😒😭

Sekemi Doukedein said – I used to be very conservative and I would have said ‘Nay’ back then, but now, I’m open to it if the other person likes it…….depending on the place and the type of PDA.

Oyedeji Folake said – Although, it’s cool, I dislike it while dating/courting. I love it in marriage; reason being that eventually if it doesn’t work out, you both can be free and owe no one any explanation.

Ropo Olawumi said – It is cool and nice. I love it cos I believe it is a form of appreciation and what I call love addiction. When you love someone dearly and you ain’t sharing the love with another person, the addiction will push you to display the love for all to see.

Olatunji Modupe Tosin said – I love it if it is shown from a sincere heart. It makes me feel loved but not when we are still dating. I once did it when i was naive, the rest is history now.

Awe Babajide Dunmininu said – Public Display of Affection must occur in every genuine relationship only that it might be seldom in some and often in others. Be careful! If your partner doesn’t flaunt you once a while, you’re a side boo.

Edokwe Chioma Stella said –  Have you seen couples who love each other publicly and fight each other in their bedroom? We saw all that lovey-lovey public display of affection Tonto and her husband were doing? Personally, if e don pass to hold my hand or my waist or my shoulder, pls no do. We don’t need to show our love off. But maybe its because I am a very private person.

Ireh Noh Sehn said – I love love love PDA. Some people be like you shouldn’t display affection because the relationship might end and I say, so what?

Yetunde Abisoye said – Yeah baby! Provided its not to oppress anyone.

Liasu Ibukunoluwa said – I love it…Naturally I love attention and if it’s coming from someone I love then it makes me high…but if he doesn’t like it,no prob but I’ll appreciate if it’s done once in a while even when I’m not expecting it.

Iyoyojie Adesua said – My boyfriend loves it but I don’t. I push him away

Chizziterem Olivia Ugochukwu said – Yaaaaaagaaaaaa! I believe in holding hands and hugs. Kissing and pecking too. When we are driving, we still hold hands especially at traffic stops, talk about habits.

Adekoya Folake said – I only think it’s important when necessary. It shouldn’t be an all time thing. Cos showing or flaunting it isn’t a yardstick to measure the degree of love and affection in a relationship. My own view.


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That’s it from our social media audience. Over to you now, what do you think about Public Display of Affection. Is it good or bad for you or your relationship? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.


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