Beauty Queen Hoists Nigerian Flag in Europe

“Equality is a total package therefore, equal opportunity irrespective of gender, age or disabilities is the way forward to building a strong nation.” – Princess Adaeze Nwaji

The elegant Beauty Queen, Princess Adaeze Nwaji is currently the reigning Face of the Globe Nigeria 2016. She battles for the Prestigious Face of the Globe International crown against finalists from different parts of the world. This exciting event will be held between 2nd and 9th April 2016.

Princess Adaezen has been involved in fundraising efforts in her community and beyond. She participated in a dance competition and raised over 10 per cent of the total four thousand Pounds raised to purchase a bus which is used to transport those who benefit from Buckingham Soup Kitchen service.  She also sold books to raise fund for MK food bank in Buckinghamshire.

Princess Adaeze Nwaji 2

Miss P. Adaezen at strictly Buckingham dance competition in aid of community soup kitchen service


In her recent interview, she said:

“I have always volunteered at every opportunity in any community I find myself. I am a citizen of the world. Whatever I do, I represent my country. We are hardworking and we are good people. We have good music, music has not failed us even when the Government failed. We are talented and Nigeria is God’s own country shall we say.”


Miss P. Adaezen  spent Valentine’s Day at the elderly home, and she had this to say about her experience;

Princess Adaeze Nwaji 1

“It was indeed beautiful to spend time with them; realising that some of them are over 100 years and strong was amazing. I met this particular woman who was excited to receive the roses from me; it reminded her of Valentine’s Day. She was happier to realise I am from Nigeria. I enjoyed every bit of time spent with them and I think they are wonderful people. I admire the nurses and the work they are doing to keep them going. They were quiet warm and happy to receive my friends and I.”

She is set to make a big difference as a beauty queen. Recently she visited the refugee camp in Calais ‘Jungle’ where she volunteered for days.

Princess Adaeze Nwaji 3

The beauty Queen, Princess Adaezen at the refugee Jungle

The Eloquent beauty queen is currently a student representative at the committee board for equality and diversity and an ex-executive member of the University of Buckingham Law society. She has unimaginable passion for human rights, equality and diversity.

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Speaking on equality she said: Equality is a total package. If we don’t appreciate diversity, we limit potentials because Nigeria is a diverse country with limitless potential. We must take advantage of it and equal opportunity irrespective of gender, age or disabilities is the way forward to building a strong nation.”

Princess Adaeze Nwaji 4

Adaezen and a fellow volunteer

Princess Adaezen who is passionate about charity has been fundraising to assist the Rainbow Child Foundation. The foundation gets 90 per cent of the total fund raised while P. Adaezen’s chosen charity, Arm of Hope Foundation receives 10 per cent of the total fund raised if she emerges the highest fund raiser.

Princess Adaezen’s experience from working for an organisation which supports individual with autism and other disabilities have made her even more passionate to impact her world positively.

According to her: “…supporting those suffering from learning disabilities, mental illnesses, physical disabilities or other forms of  disabilities has afforded me the opportunity to learn how to respond and support those with special needs.”

Following her tireless efforts she was endorsed by Arm of Hope Foundation as International Ambassador.

She is indeed passionate about her mission to change the perception of beauty pageants.

The beauty queen has an ongoing fundraising page at

You can either donate there or text PADA53£1 or more to 70070 to donate. To read more about Princess Adaeze Nwaji click HERE


You are invited to this exciting event in Paris. Tickets are available for purchase online at


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