Pre-Wedding Photos

21 Pre-Wedding Pictures that will either make you laugh or cry

There is a very high chance that you clicked this link to see the Pre-Wedding pictures with the potential to make you cry. You are probably asking “why should anyone’s Pre-Wedding pictures make me cry?” and I am here to prove the headline right or wrong. You are about to experience some really weird and funny pictures that will give you mixed feelings (I guess that’s where the ‘crying’ came from).

If you have been following this blog long enough, you should have noticed by now that I stumble on a lot of things on social media. lol. It happened this time that a friend shared some wedding pictures on my timeline and while I was going through them, I found some other related pictures shared by a certain Onwuasonya Chika Jones. The pre-wedding pictures I found inspired this article, and I am now going to try as much as possible to leave you speechless just the way I was left dumbfounded at the sight of some of these pictures. Hehehe.

Before I proceed on my mission (apologies for taking this long to unravel the pictures), I want to quickly state something salient about pre-wedding pictures or photoshoot, for the sake of the rest of us who will be getting to that juncture at some point in the future. I’d begin with a question;

Why should you take Pre-Wedding Pictures?

First, I think it’s a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera with your wedding photographer ahead of the big day. This means, it is somehow expected for you to be uncomfortable in your pre-wedding shoots and it may be obvious. But it is expedient that you begin to loosen up from there. Use that session as a rehearsal for the bigger moments. The Pre-Wedding Photo Session also gives you the opportunity to learn about how your photographer operates, and, on the flip side, your photographer might (will) get a better idea of your comfort level and your best angles—resulting in better pictures on your wedding day.

But the most popular reason to take engagement photos is to have your Save the Date designs.

However, for the sake of the pictures in our spotlight today, I want to also let you know that one of the most underrated reasons for taking Pre-Wedding pictures is to allow couples show off their personalities with creatively-themed shoots. What better way to introduce your guests to the two of you as a couple? Some couples make a meal of this process, some others find a way to goof around, and yes! We still have couples who just go all the way and slay!

I will leave the judgement of who rocked and who didn’t to you after seeing these pictures below:

1. This is what happens when you marry MAMMY WATER. You need to pay homage to the Queen of the Coast.


2. This is beautiful. Sometimes, it is necessary to take your love back to the roots. Intending Couples should emulate this.

Pre-wedding photos

3. Simply putting a symbol to the love; you can touch, hold and feel it…together. Me likey!
Pre-wedding Pictures

4. This is a creative shoot from Toolz and her hubby.

Pre-Wedding Pictures

5. When you marry a soldier, and he can’t stop trying to prove his strength to you…just so you don’t change your mind at the last minute, he decided to do as many Push Ups as you want.



Funny pre-wedding pictures

Tacky of Trendy?

6. Make I no lie, this one pass me abeg. Are we celebrating a wedding or doing a memorial of a loved one? Why the casket?


7. What a way to mesmerize your future wife…and the audience! Awesome stuff from Ubi Franklin and Bae.


8. …and here comes our flying NINJA COUPLE!


9. Talking about Zero Gravity; it’s either this couple is from B*nin or the wedding is holding in outer space. Choose the one you’d rather believe.


10. Ubi and Lilian make another appearance, but this time as convicts who decided to get married. gangster love. I don’t know if I like this, do you?


11. It’s either they met at the Cinema or they just love movies! I like them though.


12. I mentioned going back to the roots earlier on. This is what I call pre-traditional wedding shoot. lol.


13. Someone called this ‘Annoyingly Romantic’. I couldn’t agree more.


14. Doesn’t this photographer deserve an award for this concept?


15. When you are about to get married to a Yoruba Musician.


16. They just can’t wait to get married. lol.


17. Let me guess, she went to the gym to lose weight, he went to the gym to gain abs. They got what they wanted and more…now they are sharing their testimony with some weird fitness exercise.


18. Royal Wedding loading… beautiful! Of course, it is Bella Naija inspired naaa.


19. Who said you can’t be playful in your Pre-Wedding Pictures? I just hope this couple will not be distracted by their phones during the recitation of the wedding vows. lol

Pre-Wedding Pictures

20. He is either a swimming champion or we are about to have another Queen of the Coast wedding.

Pre-Wedding Pictures

21. Saving the last dance or saving the best for the last?

Pre-Wedding Pictures

What do you think of these pictures? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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