People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

There are some people who are invited to weddings that never should have been. I usually learn about it from guests’ gossip during the wedding weekend or seeing it for myself. In any case, I have made a list of people you should never invite to your wedding if you want to enjoy your special day without hitches.

Some people may not mind having anyone attend their party, but for those who are really concerned about their sanity on their special day, you may want to do away with certain people at your event. Our list may not apply to all events, but these are people you should never invite to your wedding.

Anyone who is not 100 percent behind your wedding should not be on the guest list.
This is especially important for couples who are still facing so much prejudice. This is one time that it’s okay to delete a friend or someone close like that. If they didn’t congratulate you on your engagement, they shouldn’t be invited to celebrate with you on your wedding day. Tradition and hurt feelings be damned.

Former boyfriends and girlfriends should not be invited.
Actually, anyone with whom either the bride or groom has a past sexual history probably shouldn’t make the guest list. The ONLY exception to that rule would be if your former significant other is married to one of your best friends now — in that case, you’ve already addressed and gotten over (hopefully) the weird factor.

Bitchy colleagues need not be invited.
Actually, very few of the people you work with should be on the guest list unless you’re truly “social” with them, and I don’t mean on Facebook or Twitter. It’s appropriate to invite your bosses, but not required. However, if you do invite a few from the office, be discreet about it because the bitchy person you didn’t invite will certainly have an opinion on the matter. Your wedding — and who is invited — shouldn’t be water-cooler gossip at your place of business.

Revenge plus-ones shouldn’t be allowed.
What is a “revenge plus-one?” It’s when your friend or your parent or whomever wants to bring a date just to piss off another guest. If your parents had a recent unfriendly divorce, it’s not unreasonable to ask both parties do without an escort. If dad left mom for a younger woman, the replacement’s definitely not invited. Even if they’re married, unless it’s been a whole lot of years and your mother has made peace with your father, bringing the “new wife” will make your mother miserable on a day that’s very important to her too.

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Uncontrollable friends don’t have to be included.
Everybody has one or two friends or family members who don’t behave themselves at big parties with lots of liquor. Well, that’s exactly what your reception will be to them. Just another opportunity to suck up that open bar and make a complete ass of themselves. The drunker they get, the funnier they think they are, and the more outrageously inappropriate their behavior becomes. Give serious thought to whether your guests will give proper solemnity to the occasion of your wedding or treat it like Spring Break.

You only get one real wedding day and who is there to celebrate that special moment with you is very important. Unless you’re having a massive wedding and money is no object, you’re going to have to use discretion as to who makes the cut — and who doesn’t.

Keep in mind that it’s in poor taste to share too many details about your wedding in advance on social media. If you know you’re Facebook “friends” with a lot of people who are miffed they weren’t invited, don’t brag about everything on your page. Don’t post teaser pics, don’t ask for opinions on wedding plans, and don’t post pictures of gifts as you receive them. Not only is that considered a bit tacky, but it’s also a slap in the face to somebody who is getting all excited but won’t be receiving an invitation in the mail. You don’t have to pretend there’s not a wedding in the works, but you do need to keep their feelings in mind too and not rub their noses in it.


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