The patient guy who waited
the guy who waited

5 Reasons You Should Consider That Patient Guy Who’s Waiting

Every girl has a guy in the background, a patient guy who’s been waiting around, hoping to be noticed. This is not to be confused with guys who are in the friend zone. Women only put guys in the friend zone whom they are not attracted to. But the guys in focus today are the ones who have waited all their life…for you! They just never seem to leave!

I’m talking about that guy you’ve been friends with for years; the one you’ve played around with in your head but never really took seriously. You had him on the bench and probably didn’t even realize you did. He’s the patient guy who’s waited and waited for you to notice him, but he’s somehow in your blind spot.

He’s the guy who has always been your friend, but never your boyfriend. He’s the one who’s coached you through various romantic and sexual endeavors, the one who’s held your hand during the worst of times and the best of times.

He’s the stubborn and patient guy who waited for you— still waiting for you to be ready to be his one and only.

This is no new trend; it happens all the time. The greatest power couples are born from this male habit of lurking.

Think about it.

Kanye waited around for Kim for years. She got married, built her career up, got divorced — all the while staying close friends with Kanye.

He waited patiently. After a lot of struggle and hardship, Kim woke up and realized, “Wow, Kanye is the one for me. I get it now.”

The same thing happened with Jay and Bey. He was there waiting to be her BAE while she was still in Destiny’s Child! She wasn’t even Sasha Fierce yet. That’s commitment.

The rest, of course, is history.

Does this sound familiar? It should. The guy who waited in the background is the guy who is right for you, he just wasn’t right for you at that exact moment you met. Trust me, he met you, realized you were the one he’d end up with and waited for his chance.

This all has to do with The Hunter Complex:

At the core, every man is a hunter. It takes a certain kind of woman to awaken the hunter in a certain kind of man.

Once that hunter instinct has been triggered, there is no turning back. He’s going to stealthily pursue you.

He’ll be your friend, help you out of any sticky situation you find yourself in, watch you grow into the woman you’re supposed to be — and once you’re ready for him, he’ll swoop.

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Does it seem at all surprising that Kanye and Jay Z would be anything but the supreme?

Take a good look in the mirror and sort out your priorities, my friend. Stop wasting your time on fools who are unworthy of you.

You may not have realized the right guy was there all along, but he’s been there, waiting to be with you longer than you thought.

He’s watched you mature and grow.

When you first met, you weren’t ready to be his girlfriend. He saw the potential in you. He waited until you were the woman you wanted to be so the two of you could take on the world as a team.

He’s watched you grow from the time he met you and blossom into the incredible person you are today. He’s invested in your roots.

He’s committed AF.

His dedication is very clear. He is loyal to you beyond a fault. A guy who is willing to stick it out for YEARS is a guy who can stick it out until the end.

The very fact that he’s waited around this long shows he’s there for you.

He’s clearly not just interested in your body.

He wants you for your mind, your intellect and what you bring to the world around you. If he were only interested in getting it in, he wouldn’t have stuck around.

He could get that sh*t anywhere. He genuinely cares about you as a person.

He clearly has the patience to deal with you.

You’re obviously a complex woman. If he waited out the storm, he has the gumption to take you on.

His patience has been thoroughly tested and yet, he is standing on the other side.


You are not in a relationship? What are you waiting for? Give the stubborn and patient guy a chance already!


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