Packaged Death at your doorstep

One of the many things that have helped a good number of Nigerian men survive the harsh reality of the country is their speedy ability to devise survival means when the going gets tough.

The number of herbal sex enhancers in Nigeria is on the rise with products like Alomo, Ogidiga, Oremiti, Osomo, Koboko, Sabrina, Kogberegbe, OpaEyin, Charger, Baby Okwu, Skelewu, Shoki, Awilo, Kojjo, Yoyo Sappiro and Guiness recent product, Orijin. Under the guise of anti-malaria, Alomo Bitters crept into the Nigerian market. The fear of diabetes made its bitter taste an additional advantage and its demand in the Nigerian market skyrocketed. .In recent times, instead of buying a bottle of stout for example, a typical Nigerian alcoholic simply settles for 2 small bottles of an alcoholic herbal drink that is guaranteed to get him ‘high’ at a faster pace and get him in other exciting moods.

These drinks are not only unsafe sex enhancers; they are ‘danger in bottles’, complete with NAFDAC numbers. In the consolation for the excessive intake of herbal drinks, Nigerians readily jump at the excuses of using these drinks to cure malaria, cleanse their eyes, ward off cold,  cure stomach upset, relieve sore throat, reduce sugar level, strengthen bones and wash systems. There is nothing a Nigerian won’t say to feel justified for these life threatening habits.

However, it is shocking how these countless herbal drinks in the Nigerian market have maintained a high number of consumers despite the bitter taste and repulsive odour. It is unbelievable to see even pensioners sit in front of their houses every morning, caressing bottles of Alomo and artisans like Okada riders, Vulcanizers and Mechanics ‘stepping it down’ with bottles of Pakurumo, Osomo, Ogidiga, Jasan, ori maalu and the likes. Although these drinks allegedly have medicinal qualities, the harm they effect in the body and on families goes beyond what little herbal remedy they offer. Their ridiculous low prices have made them extremely favorable among the Nigerian lower class and have crept their way into the demand list of the middle class and even the elites.


An Avid Osomofan who insisted on being called Baba Area passionately described his love for Osomo the best way he could. The man who is possibly in his late 70s insisted that Osomo makes him feel young and alive and he cannot go to bed without drinking at least two small bottles of Osomo. Nursing a bottle of Koboko, One Mr Jimoh thanked the herbal concoction for helping him adequately ‘handle’ his two wives and girlfriends in bed. He vividly asserts that Koboko has made him more of a man than he has ever been. He admits to the astonishing fact that without Koboko, he is almost impotent, but thankfully, the tincture is inexpensive enough for him to afford.

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It is however unfortunate to have observed that the destructive impacts of these alcoholic herbal drinks are copious. They weaken the liver, darken the teeth, enhance the pathetic state of drunkenness and destroy families through the increase of extramarital activities as these men now see themselves as super. the side effects are not immediate but impending. Among the many active ingredients in them –listed and unlisted- are ethanol, garlic, ginkgo, ginger, Aloe Vera and grape juice. The concentration of Ethanol in them is immensely harmful to the health. According to NIH, although grape juice promotes heart health, it rapidly leads to drastic weight loss, and interferes with an enzyme that is essential properly absorbing medications. Aloe-Vera causes drop in the blood’s potassium level which in turn leads to heart rhythmic problems and the alcohol mixture in them is bad for the heart and harmful to those with heart conditions. Ginkgo, an herbal supplement, has numerous negative side effects some of which are headache, dizziness, stomach upset, irregular heartbeats and loss of consciousness.
Yet, our Nigerian men have taken it as a full time job… Its death at your doorstep…

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