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Over with Justin: Selena Gomez going strong with Zedd

It’s quite exciting that things are still going so well between Selena and Zedd! Even though the hot new couple haven’t been photographed together lately, things are better than ever, and according, Selena’s keeping their relationship going strong!

With her boyfriend Zedd, 25, hundreds of miles away in San Francisco, Selena Gomez, 22, has been heating things up with her bikini body in Mexico — and it turns out the time apart is serving a very important purpose. has now revealed how the “Slow Down” singer is keeping things hot in her new relationship, and her friend-filled beach trip is all part of the plan!

According to reports, Selena Gomez has changed in order to keep the love going strong with Zedd.

After years of back-and-forth with Justin Bieber, 21, Selena is working on being more independent this time around. And the realization to do so has all come about with the help of her BFF, Taylor Swift, 25.

“Taylor has been encouraging Selena to be less clingy around Zedd because she really likes them as a couple. Taylor knows Selena can get too needy in relationships, and basically told Selena that she needs to act more confident if she wants to keep Zedd around. Selena took her advice, which is why she planned the last minute trip to Mexico with her girlfriends,” according to a source who revealed to

So have no fear about the time spent apart — it was actually done to help the relationship. It’s so amazing to see how much Selena has matured since her time dating Justin, and she really has been looking happier than ever these days!

Zedd confirmed that things are going well between the couple during a surprise performance at Alcatraz — San Francisco’s prison Island-turned National Park — when he gushed over his ladylove in an interview.


“Selena is incredible at taking directions, because I actually was in the studio with her,” he explained. “Singers don’t always take direction well because sometimes they feel like you get in their zone and I don’t have to be there. She was great, you know — trying to emulate exactly what I wanted to hear and didn’t take anything personally. When I would say, ‘Try this instead of that’ or ‘Give me more vibrato on this one, and a straight note of this one,’ she was exactly precise like I asked her to be.”

Perhaps Selena was just so smitten with the sexy music producer that she could do nothing but agree with him!


How cute are these two?

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