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Ogbeni La gets busted! We may have found his ‘Caro’. You need to see this!

For months unending, there has been an open and secret (call it inbox) search for the mysterious ‘Caro’. But you know what they say, “one day, monkey go go market, e no go come back” – With this info we have, the identity of Caro may just have been revealed. Ogbeni La is in for it!

Okay, here it goes.

GlowVille blog has stumbled on a rare photo of salacious and controversial Nigerian Facebooker, Ogbeni La with a lady that seems to be his much touted Caro.

Ogbeni La, whose timeline is daily filled with musings alluding to his imaginary girlfriend nicknamed Caro is quite popular among his Facebook friends and followers as a ladies’ man.

Last week, some suspicious posts on his timeline suggested that he was in Lagos. For someone whose visit has been eagerly anticipated among his Facebook friends all year long, people were rather disappointed he hardly made a public appearance during the stay which supposedly lasted a week.

Aside a picture he uploaded of himself and the United States ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stuart Symington, the Afro wearing Ogbeni La never admitted to being in Lagos in any of his daily posts within this period.

It was later rumoured that La might have come to Lagos to do a secret introduction with the Caro whose identity has been a strong subject of gossip in ‘Zuckerville’.

A staunch follower of Ogbeni La on Facebook who doesn’t want his identity revealed claimed it was not impossible given that La was known to have a lot of Facebook sidechicks in Lagos and making his intentions public would have generated controversies. We laugh in ‘Swahili’ lol.

But GlowVille blog was able to get an exclusive picture of Ogbeni La after the Lagos trip with a lady well known within his Facebook circle, who has before now been strongly linked with the Caro persona.


The fact that the lady resides in Lagos and the picture appeared in neither party’s Facebook wall confirms the lady could be the mysterious Caro and suggests that La could have indeed gone to do a secret introduction with his sweetheart.

Here is the picture of Ogbeni La and his suspected Caro below:

Ogbeni La

Ogbeni La and his ‘Caro’ – maybe. But this closeness is too hard to ignore abeg!

Do you think the lady is the mysterious Ogbeni La’s Caro?

Do you think Ogbeni La could have really gone on to have a secret introduction?

We leave you to do the maths, but we’ll continue digging and bring you more info as we get them.


– Facebook Romance Tatafo

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