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‘Odunlade is my man crush’ – Damilare Kuku

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Have you seen ‘KAKADU: The Musical’? Urrgh! dont tell me you are that stale. Okay have you been watching a lot of MNET series lately? Sure you have! Have you heard of the popular Youtube series ‘The Odds’? You will be a total ‘LASTMA’ if you haven’t joined the teeming viewers of that series by now. Don’t ask me what LASTMA means please, my twitter folks will tell you.

Well, there is one special enigma common  to all the productions I have mentioned above, and that wonderfully talented person is DAMILARE KUKU. A lot of people have been trying to meet her, and GLOWVILLE gets a chance to do that…up close and personal. *winks*

damilare kuku

Who is DAMILARE KUKU, and what’s she up to?
I am a young girl with big dreams. I am producing, acting, and writing at the moment. I am also a food lover.
Tell us about your profession, background, and past projects.
I studied dramatic arts in OAU, did a brief course in directing at ITPAN.  I have directed for stage e.g Childe Internationale. I work with Mnet as an actress, and  I have worked with Jimi Odumosu and many others.
How did Red Lips Production Limited come about, and what do you guys do?
Redlips was created when I was in my year two. It was an instruction  from God through my mum. We are a production company. We just finished a web series that is on YouTube and soon on Vimeo.
Tell us what inspired your Youtube Series ‘The Odds’?
I was inspired to write the web series because I fear as a society, we are losing our balance. This web series is my way of saying we need to fix the insanities in our society.
What more can we look forward to from you in the coming months and years?
Feature films, stage productions, short films, books…endless possibilities.
You are an actress, singer, writer and director. Which of these comes to you naturally?
They all do except producing… I am very green in that field.
dami kuku
As a thespian in Nigeria, what is your Nollywood dream, and how do you hope to contribute to it?
Well, personally I want to have my own studio where I can produce my own films, as well as theatre productions. For the industry (Nollywood) as a whole, I hope that we can grow together as professionals, and not be so independent of one another. That means we have organizations like the AGN coming up, and people aren’t fighting for positions because of the money, but because they are genuinely interested in making the arts better. That’s my Nollywood dream. If it were left to me alone, I would be doing it already. But it has to do with my colleagues in the industry, especially the budding ones. We need to come together to build the industry and not just be interested in the glitz and glamour of it. In contributing to the dream, I’m doing my own little bit already, doing my productions, meeting companies to invest in me, and also hoping to create a platform for budding actors to work. Most of the young actors who have worked with me now all work with Mnet and are doing big things, and that’s just basically what my aim is.
Who are your role models in the industry?
I really like Joke Silva and Funke Akindele. My man crush is Odunlade Adekola…that guy does everything…. Amazing!
Watch the first episode of her popular Youtube series here:


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  1. I love her web series, but she should set the other she uploaded as public so we can view them

    • Thank you Yinka for the comment. We will get across to her and make sure she does as you have requested. Keep following GLOWVILLE for updates.

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