Obsessive Love

I was scared by his obsessive love, I had to break up to save my life

Can love be too much? Can care and attention be too much? The answer to question is relative and largely depending on who’s being asked. For the lady in our featured Break Up Story this week, the answer is not far-fetched. Read her story and learn how a young man lost what could have been a blissful relationship because he loved too much and lost a woman who was scared by his obsessive love. Enjoy the story below.

It all began when I accompanied my best friend to her dance class one sunny afternoon; that was where I met him.

He looked really hot in his dance suit. I loved the way he moved his hands and legs to the rhythm of the song. I literally melted when he came over to say hello after the dance rehearsals. He asked me to join the dance class and I said yes without thinking twice.

From that moment, he became my personal coach as he took special interest in me. We became dance partners and he kept teaching me new steps and tricks in dancing. After dance classes everyday, we were always spotted at various places gisting and laughing. In a few weeks, we had become so close that people in the dance class started thinking we had something up our sleeves.

Weeks went, and the attention he gave me came in droves; I had never felt so special and choked at the same time. I remember vividly, the day I missed rehearsals and my battery was flat. He sent me forty nine text messages before the end of that day. I was shocked when I switched on my phone.  There was another day I got upset and cried. In his reaction, he started bleeding from his nose as he tried to pacify me. It was really creepy and I was scared. He later explained that he bleeds whenever he is scared or upset.

We went on like that, I didn’t know what to make of our kind of friendship, but we became really close. People already believed we were having an affair.

Eventually, we decided to take our friendship to the next level. He asked me to be his girlfriend.  I seemed to have had no choice but to say ‘yes’ –  I was loving the attention – other than my family, no one ever gave me so much care all my life.

He always made me feel like a queen. He introduced me to everyone as he girlfriend. I had to stop dance classes because of the attention we were both getting from everyone. I didn’t want him distracted, and didn’t want any more gossips among other dancers.

Just few weeks into our relationship, I had met his parents and siblings and they took me as one of them.

The day we had our first quarrel was when I introduced him to someone as my friend. He got pissed and he was mad at me. I had not seen him in that mood before. I felt he had overreacted at first, but after taking an outside look at the whole scenario, I realized he was obsessed and with a tendency to be over-possessive. At that point, I started getting tired of the whole thing.

We managed to settle that initial quarrel, but there were other similar scenarios that drew same or worse reactions from him. Even though he continued to give me sweet attention, I felt he was bugging me with the whole thing.

I totally lost interest in him. I did a little digging around by reading books and making consultations with my older siblings and other elderly people about what obsessive love and over-possessive attitude could lead to. I didn’t want it to things to get to that level between us. I summoned courage one afternoon and called him to have us meet somewhere.

When he came, I realized that breaking up was harder than I thought. I couldn’t say the words out to him. I feared it would shatter him and pity took over me. But I guess I still managed to let him see it in my eyes and the way I fidgeted when talking. We both left the meeting inconclusive, but we slowly drifted apart after then. I really liked him, but I was scared by his obsession. I didn’t know what it could lead to, and I kinda chose to be safe than sorry. 

Luckily, I didn’t have to say the words, we just stopped talking. That was how I got out of that relationship.

– Presh. 

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