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What if I do not propose to Caro in Three Years?

Should there really be a timeline or an ideal time to make a marriage proposal to the woman you are dating? Ogbeni La sheds light on this issue in this latest episode of Caro & I.

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Facebook relationship expert tells you,” If he doesn’t propose in three years, my dear break up with him. He is wasting your time”. Fifty women of different ages, different backgrounds, different partners etc read and applaud the writer. Such an informed advice!

Pray, will the the same results be achieved among the fifty women after following the “expert’s” advice? Of course no! Why? Because even if they are all in a 3 year relationship with partners that have not proposed, the circumstances surrounding each case would be peculiar.


My point is we should stop in the name of sounding informed or knowledgeable churning relationship tips like a mechanical manual. People are not machines. There are no ideals when it comes to having relationship, even friendship. What works for you may not work me. We are not only different but we have different partners.

Haven’t you observed that when the chips are down, the means to most of our expert’s final happiness as far as love is concerned is very dissimilar to the ideals they propagate or endorse? Not surprising, after all love is not simplistic.

The greatest relationship advice you’d ever get is to know yourself, appreciate your strength, admit your weakness and accept yourself. Trust me.

Don’t allow someone to advice you against distance relationship when in fact, that is what can work for your kind of easily bored person. And so on…

So, if I don’t propose to Caro in three years, do you still think the ideal thing is for us to break up?

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Ogbeni La

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