love at first sight, love at first chat

No love at FIRST SIGHT, we fell in love at FIRST CHAT

The concept of ‘Love at First Sight’ is one that would always create a lot of interest. To some, it is real, to others it is not. But have you ever wondered if you really need sight or physical meeting to fall in love? Our love story today will catch you by surprise! The couple in focus today is quite popular among social media circles. It should be recalled that the announcement of their engagement might have caught a lot of people by surprise! Thankfully, DeeDee’s Blog has been able to get a scoop of how they met and fell in love at FIRST CHAT! 

Relax and enjoy the story of how popular relationship blogger, author and CEO of, Olalekan Adebumiti caught the love bug with his sweetheart, Wuraola. Theirs is a classic case of finding love via social media. ‘Love at first sight’ may seem like a myth to you; but here is an example of something even bigger – ‘Love at first chat!”

Love at first sight, love at first chat

Over to Olalekan:

We met through a friend – virtually.

I saw a lovely post on a friend’s website and I requested for the writer’s contact. I pulled a call through and it was a magical moment.  She told me about a friend of hers (who is now my wife) during the discourse, a nurse and working in Ondo state. Sincerely, I felt embarrassed by that introduction.

To me, I didn’t expect to meet someone I’d get married to from that kind of a setting. I just agreed to meet her so I would be a mentor to her, or something close…

I got the rhythmical shock of my life when we started chatting that same night! You know that feeling, right?

I saw this down-to-earth bae!
I am not into many ladies, anyways. But when I see a lady that’s down-to-earth my shadow can tell!

According to Wuraola:

He was so confident! I can’t forget what he told me the first day we chatted… ‘’Wura, I can be uncontrollably romantic… Don’t be carried away and fall in love with me o’’.

Tahr! What is this one feeling like! I felt embarrassed, you know. And I made up my mind to prove to him that I’m different… which I did.

Okay, make I no lie, I later fell for him small. Just small.

love at first chat, love at first sight

When the couple was asked if theirs was a case of Love at first sight, this is what Lekan had to say:

No. It was love at first Chat.

I sink in awe when I talk with “romantically intelligent” ladies. Hey single and searching lady, don’t come near me again! I’m no more sinking in awe… Already sank with her!
The whole chat we had for the very first day we started talking until some days into the relationship is saved somewhere online – don’t ask for it. It will be in our next book.

Talking about what attracted Olalekan to Wuraola:

She was romantically crazy. A few minutes on her Facebook wall was all I needed to tell of her craziness!

I was attracted by her motherly nature – you know what that is, right? And the fact that she makes me wanna do more. No, not your kind of more! I meant “She is an inspiration to do more – more work, of course!

And Wuraola to Olalekan:

We started dating before we met at all so all that attracted me were inner qualities. One of which was that he’s open…
My husband is sincere to a fault. Then he’s intelligent, fluent, empathetic, purposeful, vision minded and most importantly, a lover of God.

Aww… how can I leave out this attractive part of him? He’s a crazy comedian. My husband jokes with everything… Very “unserious” somebody like that.

love at first sight, love at first chat

How did Lekan and Wura begin the dating process?

WURAOLA: Well, not ‘ask out’ per se. We were already into each other but he officially asked 12 days after we started talking, if I was ready to walk the walk with him.

The walk wey we don start teytey.

OLALEKAN: Let me say it was after two to three days we started talking.

I write and speak on relationships and so knew I got what I wanted as soon as we started talking.

It was my second relationship. The first lady died, 3 years of relationship and it was so grieving.

I made sure I told her everything about me – I mean everything! There was nothing I did in the past that I didn’t tell her, no matter how bad it was. She did the same. And we were good to go.

We started talking on the 10th of January, 2016 and got married on the 20th of August, 2016.

WURAOLA: There was no formal proposal like we see on social media… You know, putting up a surprise party where I would find a ring in my drink or somewhere in the atmosphere. No.  Everything just happened spontaneously.

I can’t even remember him “toasting” me.

I gave him my love because he appeared to be the one I had been waiting for.

He’s intelligent, humble, loving… And the fact that he’s a writer who majors on love was a quick trap for me. I naturally am attracted to writers. Then it was sealed when I discovered we were traveling the same way…

We have similar dreams and passions, in fact there was this particular idea I had well penned down in my notebook; it was like a mystery when he told me about his, I would have argued he saw my book if he had been to my place. It was so exact! I knew with him, I would have the purposeful marriage I’ve always desired.



Oh yea, we had to also share Lekan’s advice to every lover out there.

The success of your relationship is largely dependent on all areas of your life: if you would enjoy your relationship, work on every other area of your life.

You know why? Many people go into relationships on the basis of love and they end them by finding faults in their partners. It takes “feelings” to start a relationship but more than that to make it work.

If you will have a successful relationship, your personal life will be the determinant.

I recommend my book, Relationship Compatibility Test for all singles.

WURAOLA: A lot… A lot… In fact, we’re presently on a book titled…eerrrm…okay, no title yet. It’s our love story. It’s in form of a diary with a whole lots of lessons to learn. It should have been out, no thanks to procrastination. I would recommend that book for every single… It’s loaded.

It’s important to know that the growth of love is not automatic. It requires work. Love needs to be nurtured to grow. Like a seed which needs water, sunlight, manure and the likes to come out great, love takes mutual commitment, sincerity, sacrifices and… you know them, to flourish.

From the GLOWVILLE team, we wish this amazing couple a blissful married life. Please share this story with someone out there, it might just be a catalyst to a remarkable turning point in their love life.


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