Wicked Lecturer

How my ‘wicked’ lecturer helped me find love

My story is of two halves, the sour side and the really sweet side. But basically, it’s about how my wicked lecturer (I perceived him to be) helped me find love. I hope you find it as interesting in writing as I found it in reality.

I was back at the University after my youth service for my Masters’ degree program. I had everything going well for me except one man, Professor Akingbade – who was taking one of my most important courses; the one with the highest course points. It was imperative that I passed his course, but this man was making it hard for me – especially. He was such a wicked lecturer!

He would always find faults in my assignments, and always made sure I didn’t score maximum score in my tests and projects. Intially, I attributed it to him trying to make me sleep with him (like some lecturers do) but when he was not forthcoming with any specific requests, and wasn’t passing any amorous advances, I brushed it aside and assumed he was just being a wicked person.

I then decided to revert to prayer, asking God to make the man like me, and help me pass the course.

My 'wicked' lecturer

God actually answered my prayers, but in a way I never quite expected.

Professor Akingbade gave me an assignment which I was to submit on a particular Friday morning. I got to his office that morning but it was locked, so I called him but he wasn’t answering his phone. Knowing him to be who he is, I was worried he would use my failure to submit the assignment on the said day against me, so I decided to wait at his door till he gets to the office.

After waiting for two hours, he called back and asked me to come to his house on Sunday afternoon to submit the assignment. I was shocked and afraid. “This man is finally coming out with his intention” I thought to myself.

I spoke to a few friends about it, and they advised me to go to his house, but I should be prepared to escape or raise an alarm if anything fishy happens. So I prepared well for the D-day.

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I got to his house on Sunday, and to my relief, I met him getting ready to have lunch with his family.  He invited me to the table, but I politely refused. He insisted, and his wife also told me they prepared for my coming. I sat with them, and Professor Akingbade introduced me to Olajide, his eldest son as ‘one of his best students’.

“It’s my pleasure to finally meet you” Olajide spoke softly as he looked directly into my eyes.

I realized later that Professor Akingbade had been telling his son about a lady he wanted him to meet, and I was that lady. All he did to me at school was to test my temperament.

I got to know Olajide personally, and after a few months of dating, we are now happily married.

I must thank my ‘wicked’ lecturer for that.

– Adebimpe. O

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