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My TWO Personal Problems With Weddings

Wedding is absolutely beautiful; it’s a special event for anyone who gets to do it in a lifetime. However, there are certain…call it trends, tradition, customs, or habits…that are beginning to take prominence in setting up for a wedding; they are annoying and I am using the opportunity of this article to set things straight. I have just two personal problems with weddings; here they are.

The other day while listening to the radio on a ride to town, I heard the most ridiculous advert ever, something about wedding insurance! Which I think is absolutely crazy and even delusional concept.

I understand health insurance, car insurance and all other sorts of insurance covers, but wedding insurance sounded strange to me. Apparently, with the state of weddings people are having these days, a wedding insurance cover is quickly becoming a necessity. If you ask me, weddings these days have completely lost the script, and are now commercialized.

I wonder who came up with idea that a good wedding is one whose cost runs into millions? Should we blame this madness on the many wedding shows on local TVs? Or does this stem from the fact that people imagine the more money it costs the more memorable and longer the marriage lasts? It sounds odd to start a marriage on a huge bank loan used on nothing else but wedding. And yes I have not walked down the aisle yet, but I have done a lot of time at other people’s weddings; I have been part of many committees and wedding line ups.

Top on my list are blood sucking committees, which I believe need to be outlawed. Most committees these days are run like a boot camp, where huge amounts of money are forced upon unlucky committee members by drill sergeant (the bride and groom to be). And before you know it, you are living on a shoe string budget, because the couple who are getting married were not willing to scale down on their wedding plans, and felt like everyone owed them their dream wedding!

Since most people are too polite to say it, let me say it in bold letter: NO ONE OWES YOU THE WEDDING OF YOUR DREAMS. IF YOU WANT A DREAM WEDDING, THEN ENSURE YOU CAN AFFORD IT AS A COUPLE!

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Second on my list is the soap opera-worthy family drama that is a constant at every wedding. So much so that instead of weddings being a time for family to be supportive and be at their best behaviour, it is the season for close family to bring out their worst behaviours.

And if it is not just family that is behaving badly, it is guests behaving like they were raised by wolves. Guests who turn up dressed to the nines but empty handed; without a gift in sight. For those who may not know, it is bad manners to attend a wedding without a gift.

Also who can forget those guests who think an individual wedding invitation card can allow six other friends, or guests who attend a wedding because they know the couple and not because they got an invitation. Yet there is no clearer message that you are not invited for a wedding than when you do not get a wedding invitation. I know it is very hard for so many people to understand this one, but it is really not rocket science. So don’t go causing a scene at the door. And who can forget the repetitive, and often uncreative wedding decor found in absolutely every wedding.

All the above is probably the reason why Romeo and Juliet eloped!

Problems With Weddings

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  1. Lol….. I really like dis write up, I’m sure whoever wrote it knows somuch about weddings…really Going to a Wedding widout a gift is bad ….I think dt part about d invitation should be emphasized cos it should b obvious to whoever gets a wedding invite or invitation of anykind dt many pipu work on budget n dey don’t xpect u to help dem go above it…n dts y American pipu call dia host before hand if dey will b cuming wif extra sombori, its quite pissing sumtyms….. Thumbs up

  2. I simply love the write up and the reply above me,
    Kindly visit and you’d be glad you did.

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